Cut kitchen clutter once and for all with these super simple and totally genius solutions for storing pots and pans.

By Jamie Lott

Think beyond the drawer or cabinet! Be sure to take advantage of open spaces to capitalize on your kitchen's storage space. This gorgeous solution from the mother-daughter duo at The 2 Seasons incorporates a towel bar and hooks for the perfect accessible solution. Plus, it's just beautiful!

If you've got ample pantry space, install a pegboard to hang pots and pans and gain extra storage by a technique made famous by Julia Child. There's no easier way to find what you need when you need it than having it right at hand.

About Those Lids

About those lids. What do we do with them?

One solution is easier than you might think. Blogger Cyndy from The Creativity Exchange uses an inexpensive store-bought solution that you can put together yourself. Would you believe a simple closet shoe rack can add the vertical storage you need to organize lids? Store your pots on the shoe rack shelves and leave room on the bottom for lids and other kitchen items, too.

DIY Solution

Looking for a way to store those awkward baking sheets? Try this genius solution from Cristina from Remodelando La Casa. She shows us how to create the perfect tray divider that takes advantage of an underused space.

And though it's tempting to hang on to all of our baking dishes or pans, keeping only what you use on a regular basis will make kitchen organization so much easier. Donate or recycle items you don't use often. Keep special-occasion dishes, pots, and pans tucked out of the way until they're needed so they don't take up your everyday space. It seems like a straightforward start but it's guaranteed to make storage simpler.


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