Kitchen Storage Sweet Spot: Create a Baking Station

Love to bake? Treat yourself to a baking station that puts everything you need in one handy zone.

Store Smart

Store high-volume staples like flour and sugar in clear airtight containers with openings large enough to fit your hand and a measuring cup -- easier to use, less mess, win-win.

House anything sticky or oily in a baking dish. If there are drips, they'll be contained. A turntable makes grabbing the right spice or extract easy, while a cake stand can provide double-decker storage.

Take Stock

Survey your kitchen for every last thing you need for baking, right down to the muffin liners. Get rid of expired ingredients and duplicates, then sort into categories (dry ingredients, oils and liquids, spices, utensils). You'll be able to see how much space you need.

Level Up

Memorize this kitchen organizing principle: What you use most often goes between eye and waist level. Ingredients you use less often go up high or down low.

In Sight, In Mind

All dry ingredients stay fresher and look better stored in a jar. Plus, it's easier to keep an eye on inventory. Tall wide-mouth jars make efficient use of shelf space. Upgrade them with airtight plastic lids that are also dishwasher-safe and come in a range of pretty colors.

Assigned Seats

Give each baking utensil a spot in a divided drawer organizer, and it will be easier to find, easier to put back. Use the channel around the organizer for spatulas, whisks, and a roll of parchment.

Save Cabinet Space

Store bulky gear like baking sheets, muffin tins, cutting boards, and rolling pins in a basket. You'll save cabinet space, plus find what you're looking for in an instant.

Learn how to tackle some of the most common kitchen storage problems with these smart tips and tricks.


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