Overhaul the area under your kitchen sink with our genius storage solutions.

March 30, 2017

Streamline Your Sink Space

You don't have to live with a cluttered mess under your kitchen sink. A little bit of cleaning time now will save you a lot of hassle in the future. Follow these steps for a more organized undersink cabinet.

1. Clear It Out

To start the decluttering process, remove all items from under your sink. Wipe shelves clean of dust and grime. Make sure your pipes and disposal are in good repair and won't drip on your reorganized cabinet.

2. Line It Up

Outfit your empty shelf with a wipeable shelf liner or mat for easy cleanup. Trim to the size of your cabinet, and dry the shelf thoroughly before you apply the mat. Before returning anything to the cabinet, go through your tools and cleaning supplies; dispose of any expired items or products you no longer use.

3. Bag Better

Keep trash bags handy with DIY cabinet door storage. Removing the roll from its box will save space and make bags easier to grab. Remember to give plastic grocery bags their own spot, too!

4. Find Function

Keep items dry and grouped by function in clear containers. This utensil tray sorts scrub brushes, while a storage container above holds sponges. Use labels to keep from searching for cleaning supplies.

5. Step Up

Visibility is the main concern when creating storage under the kitchen sink. Organize bottles and cleaning solutions with a riser to view everything at once. Gone are the days of knocking everything over to find the right bottle of dish detergent or hand soap.

6. Utilize Every Inch

Take advantage of every inch of space by hanging spray bottles from a tension rod. Pour commercial-size products into spray bottles for easy access. You can also use the rod as a towel bar for dish rags and hand towels.

Comments (2)

November 9, 2018
Where can I buy a riser? I currently use a basket and a "Lazy Susan" under the sink. I like the tension rod idea, too.
November 2, 2018
I like the tension rod idea. Good one! Thank you!