Keep Small Appliances Out of Sight

traditional wood freestanding storage hutch
Photo: Ed Gohlich

One significant way to reduce clutter is to store your small appliances out of sight. Get our tips on how best to stow them away—and whatever you do, keep the items most often used close at hand,

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In Plain Sight

traditional kitchen corner alcove storage
Janet Mesic Mackie

There's plenty of work to be done in this corner alcove, where small appliances await in a niche tucked between the range and a stacked wall oven and warming drawer.

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Custom Cabinet

custom 3-level kitchen cabinet appliances traditional island
James Yochum

A three-level cabinet has spaces just the right height for a mixer, microwave oven, and other small appliances. Retracting doors clear the countertop when appliances are in use.

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Convenient Carousel

steel kitchen cabinet carousel appliances
Jamie Hadley

Knobs, sliders, and hinges on this steel carousel fit multiple small appliances into a compact space while permitting easy access.

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Appliance Outlet

blender coffee maker kitchen appliance garage
Michael Partenio

An outlet inside an appliance garage puts power where you need it. Keeping the appliances behind closed doors makes concealing them fast and easy.

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Cut the Clutter

wood kitchen cabinets hidden appliances
Gordon Beall

The clean lines of these cabinets and their hardware suggest a kitchen where every piece of equipment is tidy and organized. Hinged doors keep it that way.

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Undercounter Convenience

kitchen island toaster compartment blonde wood plants
Linda Hanselman

Hidden but handy, this island's drop-down toaster compartment is also easier for children or anyone in a wheelchair to use.

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Slide-Out Storage

kitchen slide-out storage mixer blonde wood blue towel
Jamie Hadley

Vertical slide-out cabinets put appliances within easy reach, while maximizing existing storage space.

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Tucked-Away Toaster

tucked-away kitchen toaster shelf bagels blonde wood cabinets
Mike Jensen

Create convenient stations for appliances that are used infrequently. This toaster tucks away for quick storage and easy pull-out.

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A More Manageable Microwave

microwave white kitchen cabinets blackboard paint good day
Anthony Masterson

Here, a microwave stored inside a cabinet is still convenient and easier on your back than an undercounter placement. Blackboard paint on the inside of the door makes it easy to leave messages and reminders.

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Smart Snack Bar

small red kitchen appliances cabinet snack bar toaster drawer
James Carriere

Keep small appliances behind closed doors but still close at hand by designating a kitchen cabinet as a breakfast area or snack bar. Include pullout shelves for a handy work space, and install electrical outlets inside the cabinet.

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Nifty Niche

kitchen corner nook stainless steel small appliances stand mixer blender toaster
Laurie Black

A stainless-steel turntable in a corner niche uses often-wasted space by housing mixers, blenders, and more. Plus, it keeps these items out of sight but within easy reach.

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Better Baking Spot

kitchen lift-up kitchenaid mixer baking shelf and drawer
Gordon Beall

This lift-up shelf provides a well-suited and secure spot for the mixer and can easily fold back into the cabinet after use. The pullout drawer below stores additional baking supplies.

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Appliance Garage

blue kitchen appliances garage kitchenaid mixer blender grinder
John Bessler

Keep appliances on hand, but out of the way, with an appliance garage. Complete with appliance outlets, this storage nook provides the storage center in this kitchen.

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Roll-Out Storage Cart

roll-out kitchen storage cart cutting board
Jay Graham

This hidden yet accessible cart rolls out easily and serves as a cutting board and appliance storage cart.

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Pull-Out Platforms

pull-out kitchen baking platform mixer
Bill Hopkins

Pull-out platforms for mixing bowls or pots and pans let you stack more and keep you from bending over to retrieve them. Keep baking appliances and utensils together to create a handy baking center.

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Stainless Steel Stowaway

stainless steel microwave appliance garage
Troy Campbell

Keep your microwave out of the way, yet still accessible, with this handy roll-down appliance garage. You can easily find a kit online to install an appliance garage.

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Inconspicuous Storage

corner nook stand mixer kitchen gray blue wall backsplash
Beth Singer

Carve out a corner niche for small-appliance storage. Doorless, this secret space allows items to be easily accessible but unobtrusive.

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Hideaway Hutch

traditional wood freestanding storage hutch
Ed Gohlich

Designed for a baker, this freestanding storage unit stores a stand mixer in close proximity to utensils, ingredients, and a cool stone work surface. An electrical panel occupies the left-hand recess.

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