Serving Pieces

Store dishes, glasses, linens, and silverware in easy-access spots to save time, steps, and effort.

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    Plan for Platters

    Large serving trays and platters can be hard to store. They often end up trapped under other items. Double-wide pullout shelves give platters a place of their own.

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    Set up a Coffee Station

    Coffee and tea are hotter than ever. A coffee station groups the gear you need to fix today's trendy drinks. A tambour door hides the station when not in use.

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    Hang up Table Linens

    Stacking folded tablecloths promotes wrinkles. Keep linens smooth and easy to see on dowel rods in a base cabinet.

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    Divide Dish Drawers

    Cups and dishes stacked in a cabinet can be hard to handle. A drawer with a grid of dividers protects china and eases sorting.

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    Open a Wet Bar

    Serving wine and other beverages is a breeze when you group a bar sink, glassware, and counter space for opening bottles and pouring.

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    Mimic a Butler's Pantry

    A double-door closet holds everything for the table -- china, crystal, linens, and even candles. Wide drawers minimize folding of tablecloths.

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    Get a Handle on Bottles

    The pullout wire bins in this bottle storage drawer are fitted with handles so beverages can be easily carried to serving areas.

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    Store Glasses Stems-Up

    An undercabinet rack holds stemware in classic bottoms-up style, leaving glasses easy to see and reach.

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    Employ Mobile Storage

    Adjustable plate holders hold dishes securely in a drawer, then detach for carrying stacks to the table.

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    Put Silverware at Hand

    Knives, forks, and spoons don't have to lie in a drawer. A narrow flip-down unit stands them up neatly and saves space.

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