Clever Kitchen Storage for Large Families

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Normal kitchen storage just doesn't cut it for many large families. Discover the organization tips you need to keep kitchen clutter at bay.

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Contain It

shelf trays for container organization

Reusable food containers are a must for big families who generate plenty of leftovers and packed lunches. But keeping the containers and lids in order can be a bit chaotic. Ditch the clutter with clear storage bins to keep your container sets together and easily accessible at all times.

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Cereal Storage

cereal storage

It's tough finding a cereal the whole family can agree on. For streamlined breakfast cereal storage, swap out mismatched boxes with uniform clear containers. The airtight seal will keep contents fresher longer, and the slim fit gives you more space for other food items in the pantry.

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Snack Attack

snack drawer organization

It's always a good idea to have a snack drawer on hand. Stock it with healthy nibbles for after-school treats the little ones can fix themselves. Use storage baskets to corral like items to prevent the storage drawer from becoming chaotic.

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Double Duty

Recycling drawer

A large family means double the fun... and double the trash. Use a pullout cabinet drawer to conceal two trash bins—one for waste and one for recyclables. Choose an extra-large trash bag such as Large KitchenPro™ Drawstring Bags from Glad, which are 53 percent bigger and strong enough to handle even the largest family's mess.

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Cabinet Makeover

Open shelves look great if you go the extra mile with a coat of paint. Check out what steps you should take for a showstopping kitchen after the cabinet doors have been removed.

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Not So Lazy

refrigerator organization
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Bend the rules and put a lazy Susan in your refrigerator. This will prevent you from digging to the back to find an ingredient. The rotating base is great for holding dressings, spreads, and sauces. Or, fill it with your family’s favorite juices for an easy way to get breakfast on the table during busy mornings.

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Sub Station


If you don't have the space or budget for a kitchen island, opt for a smaller butcher's table. The extra storage will clear up room in your cabinets, and the added countertop space is always welcome for helping hands during dinner prep. The central location makes it great for a lunch-packing station to get the kids out the door on time.

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Drawer Fix

With all that pushing and sliding, drawers often become the worst kitchen clutter offender. Learn how to divide and conquer hard-to-maintain areas like the ever-challenging utensil drawer.

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Slim Figure

white and teal kitchen

Take advantage of every square inch in your kitchen. Pullout pantries are perfect for large families that need just a bit more room to store groceries. Pack a slender pullout with cooking basics so they’re always within reach.

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Bulk Up

Mason Jar Projects

Most grocery stores offer products you can buy in bulk, which involves filling a provided bag with ingredients like lentils, flour, and nuts. Buying in bulk saves you storage space, is better for the environment, and is cost-friendly. Store your bulk items in clear, sealed jars for a pantry that looks exceptionally organized.

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Open-Shelf Policy

brick wall

There are loads of benefits to open shelving. It not only gives your plates a pretty place to be displayed, but also can cut down on chore time. Easy access makes setting the table a breeze and unloading the dishwasher a fast task. Perfect for large families on the go!

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On the Sideline

kitchen display case for cookbooks

Storage space can come from unexpected places. Often-neglected areas, like cabinet sides, can provide some seriously helpful solutions. Install a narrow shelf with a dowel rod to hold cookbooks and magazines next to your island or cooking station.

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Freezer Packed

It's easy for the freezer to become a black hole of cardboard boxes, plastic bags, and leftover food. Bring back order with careful organization and helpful food labels.

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Under the Sink

kitchen organization

The more kids you have, the more cleaning supplies you need! Fix the clutter under your sink by attaching shelves or baskets to the inside of the cabinet doors. Magazine files work great for holding small items like rubber gloves, sponges, or aluminum foil.

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Drop Zone

kitchen with built in office, glass door cabinets with orange and blue and white accessories

The kitchen is the heart of the home, but it also doubles as a drop zone. Designate a space for family members to drop keys, mail, and notes on their way into the house. A small desk area is just what you need to keep the clutter out of your cooking space.

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Family Nook

A breakfast nook is just the place for large families to come together. Complete with hidden drawers and storage space for toys, files, and more, this nook is for play and work.

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