Small White Kitchens


Check out how these small white kitchens pack a punch with stylish features, convenient setups, and storage-packed spaces!

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Maxed-Out Cabinetry

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This tiny apartment kitchen wasn't functional when the homeowners moved in, but all new IKEA cabinetry gave them plenty of storage without blowing the budget. Clean-lined Shaker-style doors are timeless and coordinate with the building's 90-year-old sensibility.

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Farmhouse Flavor


Butcher-block countertops and a petite farmhouse sink complement the simple white cabinets and add tons of functionality. Cup pulls and vintage-style latches add character to the small space and sparkle with light from the window above the sink.

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Bold Drink Station


Cabinetry and storage continue onto the wall that divides the kitchen from the living room, creating the perfect mini-bar. Two wine racks are sandwiched between a pair of cabinets to create just the perfect mix of open and closed storage. The butcher block top ties the rooms together.

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Choose the Right White

Discover the white paint colors we love best!

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Style Upgrade

white kitchen

Pump up the style in an all-white kitchen with a colorful backsplash and stainless-steel appliances. A combination microwave/vent above the range saves counter space and is raised high enough that there is still comfortable access to the cooktop. Sleek surfaces, metallic touches, and vibrant color bring the wow factor to this small space.

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Space Efficiency

white kitchen

A key to this kitchen's success is smart space utilization. A new counter-depth refrigerator saves space compared to a standard-depth model. The wide countertop near the sink allows extra room for meal preparation, and the open window frame behind the sink opens up the space.

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Small-Space Style Fixes

white cabinets

The bright blue backsplash is definitely the attention-grabber in the room. With only 14 inches of backsplash, stacked 1x2-inch rectangular glass tiles were the best option to get the stylish look. Little space is an issue throughout the kitchen. To combat the lack of room for a double sink, an extremely deep basin sink was used.

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Convenient Corner Storage


Lazy Susans are a perfect way to utilize corner cabinet space that may otherwise be overlooked. The rotating storage makes items easily accessible and helps make sure nothing gets lost in the back of the cabinet. In a small kitchen, the more storage the better!

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Beverage Station

white cabinets

This hard working storage area across from the kitchen provides plenty of cabinet and drawer space and also doubles as a beverage zone. A trendy wine holder adds to the room's modern look, and the small amount of counter space is perfect for a small commodity like a beverage station.

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Toe-Kick Storage Drawers

white cabinets

In a small kitchen, every inch counts. Instead of a solid toe-kick, extra storage space is built in beneath the cabinets. These broad, shallow drawers at the base of the storage wall are perfect for small items like linens and platters.

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More about White Kitchens?

Not sure what to do with your white kitchen? Watch and learn ideas for design success!

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Ceiling-High Storage

white kitchen

A white color scheme gives a small space a brighter, more open feel. But in this kitchen, the white-painted cabinets that rise up to the 9-foot ceiling really make the room seem more spacious. The semicustom cabinet units are perfect for adding extra storage and help give the room that bigger look.

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Cozy Dining Space


A casual dining area is tucked away to the side of the kitchen. Despite the small sizes of the kitchen and dining areas, the separation allows each space to have its own purpose. The three-window bay gives the space a cozy, comfortable feel. Curtained panels add color and provide privacy, while the tops of the windows are left undressed to let light in.

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Contrast and Consistency

white kitchen

The rich, stained wood floors add a sense of warmth and consistency to the home, as the wood floors continue on throughout the house. That, in contrast with the blue-gray tile backsplash, gives the room a balanced, put-together look. A new gas oven and cooktop replaced an electric range, giving the room a more modern feel.

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Proper Placement

white kitchen

Before the kitchen's remodel, the refrigerator was a sore spot in the room. Its awkward placement in a high-traffic spot left the area feeling crowded and congested. Now, the new cabinet-depth refrigerator is much easier to access and helped open up the kitchen. Plus, the cabinet-depth look makes it seem like a pricey built-in!

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Hallway Hideaway

white cabinets

This new storage and message area was once occupied by the refrigerator, before the room's remodel. Now, this hallway spot is the perfect area to store important mail, children's artwork, shopping lists, and more. This quick-stop space allows family members to post messages, update the family calendar, and stow away important info, all while keeping out of the main kitchen space.

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Stylish Splurges

white kitchen

A couple splurge-worthy purchases helped add a sophisticated style to this small kitchen. Dark soapstone countertops contrast the white cabinetry and are super easy to clean off if a mess occurs -- perfect for a family! The marble tile backsplash adds subtle color and texture to the space. These high-end additions were possible because of money-saving purchases elsewhere, such as the faucet that was found on clearance!

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Traditional Meets Contemporary


This warm, cozy kitchen is given a contemporary look with the addition of a sleek stainless-steel range hood and a modern metal faucet. A subway tile backsplash brings back the traditional style, and quartz-surfacing countertops bridge the gap between the traditional and contemporary looks.

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Step-Saver Layout


An aisle between the range and the island allows plenty of room for multiple helpers to pass between the sink and the stove while preparing a meal or cleaning up. Having two sets of counter space in one area makes it easy to spread out. The single walkway creates easy flow for meal prep, limiting the need to move all around the kitchen.

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Bright Breakfast Nook


A small breakfast nook was added on to the kitchen to open up the space and to utilize the under-used porch area. The multipane windows flood the space with natural light and provide a perfect view of the garden. A single glass pendant hangs over the table, illuminating the space and giving it a timeless feel.

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Multi-Use Peninsula


This hard working peninsula not only provides extra counter space for meal prep, but is also packed with storage space. The addition of the peninsula eliminates the need for a freestanding hutch or server. Along with its other functions, the peninsula serves as a built-in division between the cooking and dining areas.

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