Maximize your kitchen with these smart small-kitchen storage ideas that will help you expand the space and improve its layout.

June 08, 2015
Think Vertical

Pack more storage into kitchen cabinets with custom features designed to make life easier. Trash pullouts, cutlery trays, and drawer drivers integrate seamlessly and prompt organization. Use either horizontal or vertical cabinet dividers to store baking sheets and narrow pans. A pullout shelving unit can make use of awkward cabinet space and expand for bulky pots and pans. Rather than storing a knife block on the countertop, outfit a shallow drawer by the range with knife dividers. Dedicate a small drawer or sliver of cabinet space to spice storage. A spice drawer organizer holds canisters in an upright position for easy reading.

Culinary Storage Solutions


Never underestimate the power of a quality drawer organizer or sturdy bar for hanging items. Tuck long, flat culinary gadgets into divided drawers near the prep area. A pot rack or strong bar mounted above the cooktop saves space and cuts down on cleanup time. Within kitchen cabinets, add risers or shelves to keep items in plain view and to avoid scratching nesting pots. Affix a pegboard with repositionable hooks to a wall or the inside of a tall cabinet door to hang kitchen supplies.

Small-Space Island Ideas


Squeeze extra prep and storage space into a small kitchen with an innovative island that's just the right size and height for your needs. When space is tight, go with an island on casters to get the look of a built-in without the bulk. During cleanup or while entertaining, just roll the work space out of the way. For a customized kitchen island design, start with a small, sturdy dining table and affix casters to each leg for versatility. Add bins and hooks for extra storage.

Small Kitchen Appliances


Small appliances are essential to the kitchen, especially when it comes to entertaining and preparing last-minute meals on busy weeknights. Undercounter microwaves make it easy to transfer hot food to the countertop and help eliminate spills. Small appliances that pull double-duty, such as a combination microwave and convection oven, will save even more kitchen space. Dishwasher drawers, or dishwashers that can be programmed to wash small loads, cut down on water use and wash time. Appliance garages are great for stowing countertop appliances out of sight; choose side-to-side or up-and-down doors to conserve the most kitchen countertop space. Consider adding pop-up electrical outlets near small appliances for extra convenience.

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