Real-Life Solutions for Tiny Kitchens

Are you struggling with a small kitchen? Clever storage and layout solutions can make every foot count and have your tiny kitchen performing better than its small footprint implies.

Think Vertically

When you need more storage space, look up! Installing a pot rack overhead means you free up room in your pot drawers for other essentials. You don't have to sacrifice style in a small space: Shiny copper pots give the kitchen personality and add a warm hit of color while being easily accessible for meal prep. Take advantage of vertical surfaces by installing wall shelves. The open shelving provides room to keep your prettiest accessories on display while maximizing storage. On the island, use pegboard to instantly turn an unused side into clever storage for small kitchen items. For extra functionality, put the island on casters, and it can be wheeled into place to serve as a buffet for your guests or moved out of the way when there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Rethink the Sink

Reclaim unused or wasted space under the sink with a few simple organizing tricks. Jennifer Jones of I Heart Organizing maximized this small space by using stackable bins to keep needed items accessible and neatly organized. Using clear containers allows for easier organizing (similar items go together) and lets you know at a glance when supplies are low. Cleaning supplies are kept contained in a metal caddy. The handy handle means your supplies are ready to go for those inevitable household spills.

Add Storage with an Island

While it might seem counterintuitive, introducing an island in the kitchen can actually improve traffic flow, efficiency, and increase your kitchen storage. Lower cabinets are easily accessible from both sides while the added counter space makes meal prep a breeze. Have the island do double duty as a dining table by extending the countertop and bringing in counter-height stools.

Purge in the Pantry

Whether you have a few small shelves or a full walk-in pantry, storing food can easily get out of hand. Store more on your shelves by eliminating unnecessary packaging and transferring bulk goods like flour, cereal, and sugar into reusable and stackable containers. Jennifer Flores of Rambling Renovators used containers of a standard size, allowing her to save room and keep the inside of her cabinets looking just as pretty as the outside. Have you ever let foods expire or lost items at the back of the cabinet? Use a stepped display shelf to keep all items in view and within easy reach.


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