Kitchen Faucet Picks: Pullout Faucets

Pullout faucets are the fastest-growing faucet type because of their convenience. See our favorite picks and get ideas on how to add one to your kitchen.

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    Faucet with Cottage Style

    This sleek pullout faucet with a bronze finish complements the farmhouse feel created by the stunning apron-front sink. The dark patina also adds contrast when paired with the white tile backsplash and white-painted shelving.

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    What a Finish

    Like any other faucet, pullout faucets come in a wide range of finishes and styles. This shimmering chrome model adds a hint of sparkle to the hardworking sink area.

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    Commercial Convenience

    This large commercial-style pullout faucet eases cleanup and other tasks. The deep sink basin is ideal for soaking large pots and pans. The pull-down feature makes it easier to clean and rinse dishes.

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    How to Replace a Faucet

    Watch our step-by-step video and install a beautiful new faucet in minutes!

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    Contemporary Faucet

    This streamlined faucet not only looks great, but it also packs a punch with functionality. The pullout piece features different spray options that can be changed depending on the surface that needs to be cleaned. The faucet's clean lines and brushed-nickel surface looks sleek and stylish.

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    Style Spotters

    Think of a faucet as a glamorous accent for your kitchen. This pullout faucet not only eases cleaning, but its sparkling finish adds style in an unexpected place. Plus, its various spray options make cleaning dishes and other mealtime essentials a breeze.

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    Functional Faucet

    Outfit a small prep sink with a pull-down faucet to give the sink a boost of functionality. The pullout feature of this slim model makes it easier to clean everything from fresh veggies to small dessert dishes.

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    Heavy-Duty Function

    If you love commercial-grade appliances, you probably want a faucet just as serious. This commercial-grade pullout faucet, paired with a deep sink basin, speaks to the kitchen's focus on function. The sparkling finish helps the hardworking piece look more stylish.

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    Inspired by Tradition

    This pullout faucet lends traditional appeal but modern convenience. The model's shapely form and shimmering stainless-steel finish nod to the kitchen's vintage vibe, while the pull-down feature makes cleanup a breeze.

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    Spray Your Way

    This gooseneck faucet comes complete with a handy pull-down feature that takes the stress out of cleaning large pots and pans. The pullout portion uses hinges which creates a dramatic style statement.

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