Double Kitchen Sinks

These two-bowl sinks maximize flexibility in the kitchen work zone. Keep these important tips in mind as you shop for a new sink.

Double Kitchen Sinks

Double kitchen sinks, also known as double-bowl sinks, include a central partition that separates the sink into two sections. The sinks are often rectangular in shape, but D-shaped sinks with a curved back are also available. The D-shaped sinks offer slightly more workspace since they maximize the area that is available from front to back. Equal-sized bowls are common, but you can also choose a model with one bowl that is smaller than the other. Other divided sinks feature a lower divider between the two bowls, so you can more easily wash cookie sheets or large pans but still enjoy the multi-tasking capabilities of a double bowl sink.

Pros and Cons

Double-bowl sinks allow you to do more than one task at once; for example, you can wash dishes on one side and rinse dishes on the other. They are also handy if there is more than one cook in the kitchen. However, double-bowl sinks don't accommodate large pots or baking sheets as well as single-bowl sinks and since they take up more space they may not be the best choice for small kitchens.

Installation Considerations

Double sinks are wider than single-bowl models and will take up more counter space -- so think carefully about whether a larger sink or more counter space is most important to you. If you are replacing a sink but not remodeling your kitchen, you'll want to find a sink that matches the existing sink cutout. You may be able to expand the cutout and get a larger sink, but the size of your sink will be limited by the interior width of your sink cabinet. Be sure to measure carefully before going shopping. Double kitchen sinks are available as drop-in, undermount, integral, tile-in, and apron-front models. The material that your sink is made from and the surrounding countertop will help determine which installation is best. When installing the sink, be sure to position the sink, garbage disposal, and dishwasher to maximize efficiency. It's usually more convenient to install the garbage disposal on the same side as the dishwasher, for example. If the double bowl sink features bowls of differing sizes, consider installing the garbage disposal in the smaller sink and placing the smaller sink closest to the dishwasher. Also ensure the sink is installed at a height that will be comfortable for you, to help avoid fatigue and strain.

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