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Install a double-bowl sink in your kitchen to ease cleanup and add style. Browse here to find multiple styles, colors, sizes, and installation types, and decide which sink will fit in perfectly in your kitchen.

Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel sinks are a gorgeous addition to many kitchens. Make cleanup a breeze with a double sink set into the quartz countertop. This sink is perfect for the kitchen and enhanced by the stainless steel faucet. A gleaming sink in your kitchen can enhance the beauty and practicality of the room.

Shapely Corner Kitchen Sink

Stainless steel countertops and sinks are easy to maintain. Create a chic look in your kitchen with sinks that are installed without seams to ensure that no dirt will be trapped and cleanup will be a snap. In a fun twist, this kitchen features a larger square sink and a smaller round basin set side by side and served by two faucets, one for tap water and another for purified drinking water.

Extra Large Kitchen Sink

This oversized double sink allows for soaking large pots as well as filling one side with water for washing or rinsing. Create a convenient setup by placing the sink between the range and refrigerator.

Double-Bowl Kitchen Island Sink

A cleanup center housing a double-bowl sink is conveniently located in the island of this kitchen. Here, the white sink adds cottage flair, fitting in beautifully with the kitchen decor. To ensure that your sink blends with your kitchen, match color schemes through the bowl of the sink or style through the faucet design.

Clean the sink in your kitchen with these smart tips for a sink and faucet that shine.

Quickly Clean Your Sink

Get tips to quickly clean your kitchen sink.

Under-Mount Stainless Steel Sink

This stainless steel sink complements appliances and the streamlined look of the rest of the kitchen. The smaller bowl offers a spot for the faucet. Create a sleek look in your kitchen by under-mounting your double-basin sink. Because the edge of the sink sits beneath the countertop, sweeping crumbs into the sink is a breeze, and cleanup is quick and easy.

Unequal Sizes in Divided Sink

A divided sink does not have to have equal sides. Here, the large basin is perfect for cleaning pots and pans, whereas the smaller side provides a place to fill a glass of water or store the faucet without getting in the way.

Deep Divided Sink

Here, the basins are deeper than the standard sink, making it easy to hold big pots and a plethora of dishes. If you have a big family or enjoy entertaining dinner guests, a similar sink is ideal. The unique faucet adds unique flair to the sink and the commercial-style sprayer is practical for cleaning.

Stylish Divided Sink

Ensure that your double-bowl sink fits in with your kitchen by matching style with decor. Here, the sink and countertops are made from the same granite, creating a streamlined look. Create a simple elegance in your kitchen with a no-frills faucet that gets the job done while standing sturdy and graceful atop the sink.

Elegant Divided Kitchen Sink

Cleanup is a pleasure at this deep, double-bowl sink area. The ceramic white sink pairs well with marble countertops and a simple faucet. Keeping the style simple is a great way to create a quiet elegance that makes your sink beautiful and practical. The under-mount sink installation makes cleanup a snap.

Triple Sink Design

The more the merrier in this home's kitchen. A triple divided sink gives the homeowners a lot of flexivility in meal prep and clean-upThis home's architectural angles make the kitchen sink a focal point. Stainless steel is a perfect sink choice if your other kitchen appliances match. Silvery cabinet knobs and pulls bring continuity to the space, with the stainless steel appliances adding style and a sensible solution for easy cleanup. A larger basin on one side of the divided sink provides space for multiple dishes.

Simple DIY Double-Bowl Sink

For quick and easy installation, use a self-rimming sink where the edge of the sink rests on top of the counter. The stainless-steel sink basin in this kitchen blends beautifully with chrome faucet and cabinetry hardware.

Integral Sprayer for Quick Cleanup

Make cleanup quicker and easier by placing your sink in a convenient area next to the dishwasher. This stainless steel sink is perfectly accented by a faucet that converts to a sprayer in an instant. The cool color matches the countertops and backsplash tile. Install a stainless steel sink in your kitchen for the practical element, as well as to match other appliances.

Incorporate the Sink with Your Kitchen's Color Scheme

Here, the red-and-green tile backsplash is the perfect foil for the gleaming white sink. The white window trim and the grout tie in with the double-basin sink, which provides ample space for food prep and cleanup. For easy installation, use a self-rimming sink where the edge of the sink sets atop the counter.

Place Your Sink in the Midst of the Prep and Cleanup Space

Position your double sink between the refrigerator and dishwasher to make it the center of the food prep and cleanup work space. A double sink can be perfect for those who entertain dinner guests, as multiple dishes can easily fit into the two basins. Here, the sink fits in well with the other stainless-steel accents in the kitchen.

Divided Farmhouse Sink

To boost your home's country decor, use a divided farmhouse sink that adds both aesthetic and practical features. The deep sink makes it easy to wash pots and pans without splashing water onto the counters. Under mount your sink so crumbs can easily be brushed into the basin without getting stuck in crevices. The white double sink in this country-style kitchen contrasts beautifully with the dark soapstone countertops.

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