Kitchen Sink Buying Tips

Learn about what style, shape, and size of sink is right for your kitchen.

Everyone knows the kitchen sink is where the action is. From food prep to cleanup, your sink has a lot to handle. The first test when it comes to function: Can it fit your favorite pot? You may want to consider bringing in a backup -- a prep sink for washing veggies or a bar sink designated for beverages. Farmhouse, or apron-front sinks continue to grow in popularity. You'll find them in cast iron, metal, and stone. With this style, it's a matter of looks; apron-front sinks offer no additional practical advantages. If you prefer that your sink attract less attention, consider an undermount model, which allows your countertop to steal the spotlight.

When selecting a kitchen sink, consider the following points:

  • Self-rimming (also called drop-in) sinks feature a rim that rests on the countertop, covering the raw countertop cutout. They typically cost less and are easier to install than other types of sinks, but the edges can be difficult to keep clean. Undermount sinks are recessed below certain types of countertops, which makes cleanup simple, but they're trickier and more expensive to install.
  • Some people love the size and look of a single-bowl sink. Others prefer the double-duty flexibility that a two-bowl design offers. A triple-bowl sink comes in handy when you want to separate the food-disposal function. Consider how you prepare meals and clean up afterward -- or how you'd like to -- when choosing a design and size.
  • For ease in washing or rinsing dishes, look for these features: a flat bottom, which lets glasses rest solidly; a drain hole placed toward the back of the basin, so it's not hidden under a stack of plates; and a wire rack specially fitted to your sink.

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