Kitchen Q&A: Small Kitchen Design

Expert tips on how to make the most of a small kitchen footprint

Q: Our kitchen is very small, but we don't want to tear down any walls to extend the space. Do you have any tips for a small kitchen remodeling project that will make it seem larger?

A: Kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in small kitchens. Shallow kitchen cabinets take up less space, and lighter woods, such as light cherry, maple, and hickory, are best. Run the cabinetry up to the ceiling. This will give you an extra foot of storage space all the way around the room.

Fitting in enough counter space should be a priority. One way to find some extra work space is to choose more compact appliances. A corner sink can also increase the amount of counter space.

Choose solid-surfacing or another countertop material in a light color, rather than a darker surface, such as granite. These reflect more light and give kitchens the appearance of being more open.


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