Kitchens with Curves

Kitchens can feel very boxy with lots of squared off edges. Find ways to add curvy elements to soften your kitchen design.

Curved Island

Soften the angular aspect of a kitchen by integrating rounded edges and shapes.

Here, a curved island front creates a soft, but clearly defined dividing element in the open floor plan. Note also the rounded corner cabinet that graces one end of the kitchen passageway.

Curved Wall Opening

What happens when your heart is set on a window over your kitchen sink, but there's a room on the other side? You add one anyway! Here, an arched opening offers a view into the next room, making the kitchen feel larger and more expansive.

Curvy Kitchen Design Elements

Classic curves define the style of this kitchen. The blond wooden arch over the stove top and range hood echoes the curved counter with built in seating. Adding curves to a kitchen remodeling project allows you to do creative things with small spaces.

Curved, Wraparound Kitchen

A curved kitchen counter offers plenty of room on both sides for cooks and guests. This wraparound design allows optimal entertaining space. The raised bar area above the countertop provides opportunity for the cook to be social without overcrowding the kitchen.

Curved Kitchen Wall

A bank of windows follows the curving lines of this contemporary countertop and cupboards. Curving counters and cabinetry can be custom made to fit unique spaces, such as renovated spaces in older homes. A curved counter also tames the angular nature of most large kitchens.

Curved Ceiling with Matching Half Wall

How do you delineate how space is used in an open floorplan? Curves can help! Here, the kitchen and the dining area are separated by a curve of spot lights and a curving half wall that creates a sense of privacy and enclosure for the diners.

Curved Contemporary Kitchen

Curves are everywhere in this kitchen -- from the lighting to the island to the seating. Together the curves create a sense of movement and flow in this attractive contemporary kitchen. Different surface mediums on the counter and cabinets are connected through their curvy shapes.

Curved Sink

So many kitchens offer a series of straight edges -- countertops, cabinets, doors and windows. But the straight lines in this kitchen all unite in the room's center which features a round sink and curved sink front. The simple curve of the cabinetry becomes the kitchen's focal point.

Curve Collection

From the hearth arch over the stovetop to the circular eat-in area of the kitchen, this room uses curves to create a singular sense of style. A curved eating area is perfect for small intimate meals such as family breakfasts or drinks-and-snacks parties.

Curved Wall and Breakfast Nook

In this contemporary breakfast area, curves create a sense of pattern and unity. The curved seats echo the curved table and the curved banquette seating. Even the wall features a curved cut-out.

Inset Food Prep Area

A food preparation area features a massive restaurant-style range with imposing dark hood -- all neatly tucked beneath a curving arch. The inset area is the focal point of the kitchen, in part because of the massive arch.

Curved Doorway

A tall, narrow, curved kitchen doorway is made more apparent with its coat of bright white paint. The doorway offers a magical portal into an adjoining room, which also features a matching curved doorway. Curved doorways add architectural detail to large square rooms.

Curved Window

A porthole window in the interior of a home is a cool design element, but it also has a functional purpose: it lets light from one room into other areas of the home. Here, a large curvy window frames the room beyond like a piece of art.

Curved Opening to Adjacent Space

What better way to make adjoining rooms feel more open and spacious than to add a curved opening between both rooms. Here, an arched pass-through opens up the view to the next room. It's also a perfect spot to set up a buffet for large parties.

Curved Bar Area

A contemporary curved bar offers ample seating for guests. A curved eating area allows all guests to see each other (rather than lined up like in a traditional bar).

Curved Corner Sink

A curved cabinet and sink makes efficient use of space in this modern kitchen. The curved cabinet creates a sense of movement in the kitchen, and makes it feel less squared off -- and more spacious.

Curved Ceiling

A massive curved ceiling creates a sense of space in this open plan kitchen and dining area. The kitchen area, all located beneath the curved wood beams features a large semi-curved island over which guests can easily converse with the chefs.

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