When the kitchen is a family gathering spot, a TV can make cooking chores more relaxing and keep the family close, too. Add a TV to your kitchen with these practical placement tips and smart ideas.

June 08, 2015

Purposeful Placement

Take the TV size and how you plan to watch it into consideration when you are deciding where to place a television within your kitchen. If you're planning to install a small TV to catch a few minutes of the news while you're drinking your morning coffee or making dinner, consider placing the TV beneath a bank of upper cabinets, near the main kitchen work core.  If the TV's primary purpose is to keep kids occupied and close by while you cook, consider a slightly larger TV near a breakfast nook or banquette, which will give kids a place away from the kitchen work core but still within view.


Height Matters

Review all of the places you'll want to be able to see the TV from in your kitchen. A higher location will make the TV visible from more points within the room. If you're tucking the television inside a cabinet, pivoting pocket doors that slide inside the cabinet won't block views. Also consider a kitchen TV cabinet as a depot for other technology, such as a wireless router or cable box, which will conceal all those black boxes.

Pullout TV

Sliding Solution

To bring your TV in to full view, consider a pullout tray. The tray slides out of the cabinet to bring the TV into a better viewing position. Check the weight limits on the tray and hardware to ensure your TV is not too heavy for the hardware. It might also allow the TV to pivot in order to be better seen from specific kitchen angles.


Open Spaces

Merge a kitchen and living space with a savvy TV placement. This kitchen opens into a living area, and the two spaces orient toward a common wall, which showcases a wall-mount TV. The TV is highly visible from the kitchen, the eating peninsula, and the sitting area on the other side of the kitchen. With a set in the middle, family members in all parts of the space can enjoy the TV, whether they are making dinner, parked at the peninsula, or playing in the sitting area.

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July 25, 2018
Perfect! That's true, A tv adds more excitement in the kitchen. We have installed Evervue's CabiTV-100 22" under the kitchen cabinet. My kids already love helping in the kitchen. Cooking & meal time became an instant bonding moment!