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Kitchens are the heart of the home, and as such it is always important to take these and many other things into consideration in order to have your newly remodeled kitchen serve you well in the coming years.

There are endless creative features you can add to your kitchen. Some of them add function, such as touch-to- activate sink faucets and specialty shelving units that fully emerge from a difficult corner cabinet. Others are purely fun choices, such as down-draft exhaust vents that rise up out of your counter when they are in use, and glass counter tops that offer a unique look.

If you are like many home owners who are planning a kitchen remodel, you will want to incorporate functional, fun and innovative features and trends into your overall kitchen design.

If you are thinking about rearranging how your kitchen features are located, be sure that you have a convenient arrangement between the sink, stove, and refrigerator. The best configuration between them is a triangle without obstructions such as a kitchen island in the way.

Styles of cabinets are endless. I would say that overall Shaker style cabinets are a very popular choice and lend themselves well to many styles of kitchens. I would advise you to work with a qualified NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) design/build remodeler to help guide you in your choices.

The next thing to consider will be storage. They¿re not glamorous, but both pot drawers and pantry cabinets are a must for any kitchen. If you haven't had pot drawers before, you will be amazed at how they will give you full use of the storage in your lower kitchen cabinets. You will feel like you have twice the storage.

Pantry cabinets come in many configurations and widths. They include many options including, pot drawers, pull-out shelves and spice racks. They are great for storing dry food items as well as anything else you need to access quickly. Many times pantry cabinets work well adjacent to your refrigerator. They are usually a full two feet deep, top to bottom, making the refrigerator's size blend in better with the cabinetry. Be sure to include a matching depth cabinet above the refrigerator.

How you do your upper cabinets will depend on many factors including your overall style of your kitchen. Some modern style kitchens are being remodeled to have no upper cabinets at all.

For a functionality boost, consider under-cabinet power strips to use for plugging in countertop appliances.

If you are planning on including a kitchen island, you may want to consider including a seating area, prep sink, wine refrigerator, or even including a cook top in its solid surface countertop.

Countertops can be a major expense, but they can also make a statement in the overall look and feel of your kitchen. Granite continues to lead in popularity, followed closely by quartz composite solid surfaces. Both will serve you well, although the quartz will work better if you are leaning towards a more modern style kitchen.

Once you have decided on countertops, you can have some fun choosing a tile backsplash. Your choice will depend on your style preferences. Many people are going with glass tile for a rich look, which have great depth of color that can have a great variety of looks depending on your tile selection.

Last but not least will be lighting. Your choices in light fixtures and placement will be the icing on the cake for your beautiful new kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting will work great for lighting up your counter top work areas. Recessed lighting framing the kitchen ceiling will showcase beautiful new cabinetry as well as offer good general lighting. Pendant lighting can accent special areas such as an island or sink area, and add a splash of color to set things off. All of these lights will serve you better if you install dimmers to control the volume of light for deferring situations.

Answered By: Steven Shinn, Certified Remodeler, NARI

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"My goal as a remodeler is to offer quality service and creative solutions to happy homeowners of Phoenix metro," says Steve Shinn of Tri-Lite Builders and Homework Remodels.

Steve Shinn is one of the leading remodelers in Phoenix. His interest in ongoing education has resulted in his recognition by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) as a Green Certified Professional and a Universal Design Certified Professional. He recently completed the NARI training and will soon complete the testing to attain their Certified Kitchen and Bath Remodeler designation. Shinn is currently president of the Greater Phoenix NARI chapter, and one of the local NARI Contractor of the Year award winners.

His creative focus on solutions rather than challenges has resulted in continued business success. His commitment to working for happy homeowners continues to result in a growing family of satisfied clients.

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