Dramatic Kitchen Architecture

Focal-point features--from paneled ceilings and arched windows to hearth-like alcoves--bring a sense of refinement to beautifully appointed kitchens. Paired with fine finishes, beautiful colors, and standout materials, these kitchen boost dazzling architecture to boot.

Charming Cadences

This soaring ceiling rises toward the roof to create a nearly two-story kitchen. A dormer window positioned high on the wall and sky blue paint bring light, color, and personality to the kitchen's expansive upper reaches. Down below, a large wood island, paneled details, and arched structures amplify architectural interest and visually balance the room's loftier elements.

Building Interest

Celebrating high-impact contrast, this kitchen combines elegantly profiled woodwork and crisp white finishes with a distinctively detailed ceiling. The perimeter moldings drop down to frame exposed stretches of salvaged boards embellished with white-painted box beams crafted of decorative molding. 

Creative Translation

This contemporary eat-in kitchen handily presents historic architectural features in dramatically fresh ways. A shapely barrel-groin ceiling arches to create a sense of stylish separation between the dining area and kitchen work core. Squared-off alcoves house modern-lined cabinets, while a softly arched niche accommodates the room's cooking center. 

Hearth Appeal

A white-painted paneled surround equipped with a stained oak mantle lends a handsome fireplace profile at the kitchen's cooking station. Extending the width of the surround's opening let the homeowners add countertop space on either side of the range and also create easily accessed spice storage.

Light & Views

Windows lend architectural drama in this kitchen. Standing at the sink, dishwashers take in lush panoramas through a pair of windows as well as a pair of see-through glass cabinets positioned on the windows to the left and right of the sink. A second tier of arched windows draw in additional natural light, which is magnified by glossy white finishes on the cabinets, island, and woodwork.   

Elegance Above

Intricate trim treatments surprise and charm when used to outfit a home's hardest working room. Here, thoughtfully layered decorative moldings in varying sizes and profiles provide sophisticated substance across the tray ceiling, along upper walls, and on the perimeter cabinets and island. Weighty woodwork reappears as a mantel at the range area and as cornice-box-like structures at the windows.

Enchanting Architecture

Evoking images of fairy tale cottages, a reclaimed entry door comes inside to provide bewitching passage between an old-world kitchen and an appealingly furnished pantry. Custom-shaped casings and the door's timeworn finish, original strap hinges, and rusty-iron-screened peephole combine to produce a conversation-starting architectural element.  

Spatial Relations

Though boasting only a shallow vault, this breakfast nook ceiling packs a powerful architectural punch thanks to its white finish and strategically placed trim that accentuates its umbrella-like shape. The coved ceiling subtly follows the curves of the bay window, mirrors the shape of table below, and creates a degree of separation between a kitchen's eating area and work space. 

Arch Trio

Repeating arches with varied dimensions fashion a focal-point wall in a Tuscan-inspired kitchen. Although creating a cohesive view, each arch has a distinctive look and purpose. Shimmering tiles highlight a rustic range-hood in the middle arched wall, which advances into the room as the wall's centerpiece. Metallic doors with curlicue details enclose the wine cabinet on the left. The archway on the right frames a butler's pantry chandelier and aligns with the pantry's exit for doubly interesting passage.  

Cabin Fever

Architecture doesn't have to be refined or overly ornamental to be dramatic. Something interesting captivates the eye at every level in this inventively designed kitchen, rooted in rustic style. Roughhewn details combine with sleekly painted cabinets set beneath a theatrical grouping of windows. The top window mirrors the cathedral ceiling's peak; the ceilings reclaimed-wood cladding inspired the use of equally rough beams and island cabinets. 

Accentuate the Positive

Vaulted ceilings are things of beauty worthy of special consideration. In this elegant farmhouse kitchen, rustic beams emphasize the ceiling's sloped sidewalls and straight central planes. The beams draw attention to the high ceiling and add informal components that ease the room's formality. 

Playing Up the Curves

Lovely proportioned arched windows and doors boast a decidedly European attitude. Inset into slightly recessed openings along the sink wall, the elements standout thanks to their dark stained finish, divided-light panes, and substantial silhouettes. 

Serene Scene

With the look of an old rural church, this kitchen is striking in its simplicity. Clad in beaded board and rafter-like beams, a cathedral ceiling reaches upwards and fashions a two-story wall at the range. The wall accommodates two sets of windows and a rectangular pane that pull abundant light into the large room. Cable lights that span the room's center and clear-glass pendants suspended from the ceiling's peak boast progressive profiles that give the classic kitchen a modern lift.   

Historic Harmonies

Venerable silhouettes and natural materials partner to produce antiquated appeal. The leaded-glass casements, castle-cued stone archway, beamed brick ceiling, and rustic post root a new kitchen in periods past. The tiled range wall highlights a sculptural range hood and a vintage iron fireback that doubles as a backsplash and artwork. 

Gaining Momentum

An industrial-cool metallic barn door (along with its sculptural rollers and linear track) adds look-at-me character to a simply designed kitchen. Tall ceilings and a long stretch of wall allowed the homeowners plenty of space for installing the massive door, which can be easily rolled to close off or to access a pantry closet.  

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