A Take-Charge, Tuscan-Style Kitchen Makeover

One homeowner takes over her kitchen remodel and creates a beautiful Tuscan-style kitchen.

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    Rustic Remodel

    Studying abroad in Florence inspired this kitchen remodel. After two contractors failed to make the Italian dream a reality, the homeowner took charge. The goal was to make a 12x8-foot kitchen in a 1935 cottage feel spacious and rustic with a Tuscan flair.

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    Off-Center is Better

    Off-centering the kitchen sink made room for an extra stack of drawers. Sleek stainless-steel appliances make the kitchen feel rejuvenated instead of run-down. Hanging decorative plates on a blank section of wall gives the kitchen color and character -- on a dime.

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    Vintage Charm

    The bridge-style faucet has a worn finish and vintage feel that is perfect for the kitchen. Simple touches, like installing style-specific hardware, can change an entire room’s style.

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    Small-Space Tricks

    Beside the refrigerator, upper cabinets continue to the ceiling to make the most of available storage space. Mounting the microwave on the wall ensures valuable counter space is left open.

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    The Right Size

    A rustic block island is the perfect size for this quaint kitchen. Below is extra storage space for trays and bowls. The knots, knicks, and scratches on the island give character to the piece, which fits perfect in the not-too-perfect Italian kitchen.

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    Break It Up

    A corner drawer unit is taller than the cabinets on either side to create visual interest and break up the countertop. This small touch makes the cabinets feel custom and one-of-a-kind.

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    Cabinet Solutions

    Deep drawers in black base cabinets provide enough storage, so upper cabinets weren't needed. This clever solution helps the room feel much larger and is reminiscent of old Italian kitchens. Black crown molding over the range acts as an anchor point for this side of the kitchen.

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    Added Style

    Furniture-style, drop-handle hardware with a pewter finish contrasts with the black paint on the cabinets. The unique handles give the plain cabinets a more sophisticated and expensive look.

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    Mismatched Perfection

    Nearby, mismatched chairs, a farmhouse-style table, and a chandelier made of twigs all come together for a rustic and natural dining area. French doors offer additional natural light to the room and help to enlarge the space.

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    Get the Tuscan Look

    See the keys to this cozy style and how to get a Tuscan look.

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