A Beer Lover's Kitchen

See how this transitional kitchen gets a makeover with a high-contrast color palette and industrial vibe.

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    Brewing a New Room

    This Seattle house was built in 1909 and was owned by the co-founder of the famous Rainier brewery in the Northwest city. When a family with an interest in artisanal beer production was looking for a home, it was kismet. The traditional look, however, did not suit the new homeowners. So they began the task of transforming the kitchen to feel like early-20th-century factories and warehouses.

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    All About the Elements

    A stunning waterfall countertop made of Calacatta marble has a dramatic effect and emphasizes the stone's veining. Luxurious dark wood cabinets contrast the white marble on the island while stainless-steel accents throughout the room keep the room feeling modern.

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    Conceal and Reveal

    To stay in line with the industrial warehouse design, a rolling blackened-steel door slides to conceal the pantry. The dark color of the barn-style door mimics the rich wood cabinetry. Above the kitchen island, three pendants bring in an industrial, chic vibe.

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    Repurposed Room

    The old butler’s pantry is now complete with a wet bar. A prep sink and two refrigerators under the counter provide additional functionality and storage off the main kitchen. The same backsplash tiles that are used in the kitchen are used here, giving the two rooms a cohesive spirit.

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    Customizing a Classic

    Instead of utilizing classic subway tiles, the backsplash behind the range is made of almost translucent glass tiles. Stainless-steel appliances and accessories give the room a set style without going overboard.

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    Sleek Shelf

    A steel shelf above the range provides convenient storage for cooking supplies. The shelf’s sleek design helps it blend into the background, so it doesn’t distract from the rest of the room.

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    Pop of Color

    The commercial-style range gets a makeover with bright red knobs. The colorful knobs visually break up the oven, which is otherwise all stainless steel.

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    Unexpected Detail

    A double refrigerator goes commercial with a transparent glass door. The glass adds an unexpected twist to the industrial-size refrigerator. Sleek pulls on drawers and doors keep the piece feeling slim instead of heavy.

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    The Perfect Pulls

    Instead of using standard rounded cup pulls, shiny chrome scoop pulls with squared-off edges enhance the contemporary look. 

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    Room for a View

    Thin steel shelves above the sink provide storage without compromising the view from the kitchen. Black granite countertops are extra chic when paired with the dark wood cabinets.

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    Commercial Benefits

    A flexible-hose faucet might not be typical of an early-20th-century factory, but it works with the kitchen's commercial feel. The steel finish matches the shiny drawer pulls, the shelves, and the high-end appliances.

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    High-End Tips from Designers

    Discover how to get a high-end look in your kitchen with tips from our designers.

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