A Timeless Kitchen Packed with Personality

New construction doesn't mean an absence of character, and this waterfront kitchen is here to prove it. Filled with a mix of European details, warm woods, and modern materials, the room embodies styles both old and new.

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    New Meets Old

    Despite its new construction, this U-shape waterfront kitchen manages to maintain an old soul. Warm walnut and unpolished marble coutertops, as well as hand-scraped hickory floors, help the room wear the patina of an older home with modern convenience.

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    Smart Storage

    Custom storage in the kitchen island keeps serving pieces in their rightful place. Wooden slats divide cookie sheets, cutting boards, and serving trays. A trash receptacle and small prep sink, as well as an overhang that accommodates three seats, make the island a hub for entertaining.

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    Contemporary Details

    On the opposite side of the island, deep drawers store tall pots, lids, and cookware. Simple cutouts in the drawers function as pulls and minimize the room's visual clutter. A pale butterscotch color coats all of the cabinetry, giving the room a soft, cozy glow. 

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    Stylish Seating

    Island seating gets a splash of vintage style from a fabric panel of a French postage stamp. The slipcovers bring Parisian character to the room and can be easily swapped out to keep the old-meets-new theme fresh.

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    Spinning Storage

    A smart lazy Susan on the kitchen island eases entertaining and keeps treats within reach. A natural wood surface combines with an industrial metal base for an unexpected blend of materials. 

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    European Influence

    Iron lanterns above the island imbue the new kitchen with an old soul. The light fixtures feature Gothic style reminiscent of European decor and blend seamlessly with the appliqued Parisian design featured on the counter stool slipcovers. 

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    Timeless Touches

    Simplicity defines the range area, with its sculptural steel hood and crackled-tile backsplash. High ceilings allow for the tall hood, and rivets give it Old World charm. A stainless-steel stove provides modern convenience to surrounding traditional cabinetry.

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    Lofty Heights

    Large casement windows allow both natural light and a breeze to flow through the kitchen. To prevent the space from looking like a cabinetry showroom, the design incorporates few surrounding cabinets and instead features a custom armoire with chicken-wire door inserts.

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    Country Character

    Chicken-wire door inserts add texture to open cabinetry, which show off the homeowner's collection of dishware. The copper finish helps blend contemporary and country styles. 

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    Room with a View

    A honed marble countertop and backsplash line the scenic sink area. The material's tendency to patina and etch over time made it the perfect material for the kitchen. A dishwasher is wisely placed between the built-in armoire and sink for easy storage of serving pieces. Modern glass pendants hang above without obstructing the coastal view. 

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    Ode to Symmetry

    Separate refrigerator and freezer units frame a breakfast station opposite the sink. The area provides additional space for food prep, cooking, and cleaning, while allowing plenty of room for watching or participating at the island. Walnut countertops warm the pale cabinetry to create a soothing palette.

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    Weathered Reflection

    Antiqued mirror glass on upper cabinets provide an accent piece above the breakfast station. The inserts reflect light from nearby windows and keep with the kitchen's timeless aged appearance.

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    On Display

    Industrial stainless-steel racks hold a collection of vintage copper pots. The contemporary mix of metals elegantly contrasts with traditional-style wood-plank walls. 

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