Storage-Savvy Kitchen Makeover

When it comes to your kitchen, function is everything. See how proper planning led to smart storage and a defined work zone in this classic kitchen remodel.

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    Before: Inefficient Design

    Due to a lack of backsplash and ventilation, this kitchen's stellar cooktop set in the middle of the room became a safety hazard and cleaning nightmare. Its layout only contributed to the chaos.

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    After: Effortless Functionality

    Relocating the range and refrigerator improved traffic flow for efficient entertaining and meal prep. The defined work triangle features a clever blend of colors, finishes, and textures that add depth to the nearly all-white kitchen.

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    Classic Character

    Removing soffits during the remodel helped this kitchen gain height and space. Two-piece crown molding further enhances its traditional style. Lights on the underside of the upper cabinets provide task illumination. The Shaker cabinets' clean lines bring long-lasting style and subtly contrast beige beaded board and marble countertops.

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    Slotted Storage

    The homeowners of this kitchen love to bake, so having space for all their cooking and baking supplies was a must. Cabinet dividers that keep bakeware upright make it easy to select the right pan for the task at hand. 

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    Bright Idea

    Open shelving lightens the look of this kitchen without sacrificing storage. Thick brackets provide the visual weight needed to balance the shelves with the surrounding cupboards. 

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    Quick Access

    Open shelving at the end of the island provides storage for large serving pieces. Beaded-board paneling defines the kitchen's centerpiece. 

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    Unexpected Interest

    A standard subway tile backsplash gains texture and depth thanks to beveled tiles. Each tile is recessed with a ridge around it to give the kitchen wall surprising detail.

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    Sparkling Finishes

    This sculptural chrome faucet, complete with a side spray and cross handles, is just one of the splurges that homeowners made on appliances and fixtures. A second faucet on the apron-front sink delivers purified drinking water.

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    Smart Seating

    A built-in banquette complete with a hinged seat and deep storage makes good use of an unused corner and frees up floor space in the kitchen's work zone. The rustic wooden table elegantly contrasts the room's high-gloss backsplash and matte-finish Calacatta marble countertops.

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    Beverage Depot

    An armoirelike unit at the end of the banquette offers hanging wine glass storage, a convenient coffee station, and deep drawers for table linens. The cream-color cabinetry pops against a sandy hue on the walls and contrasts the floor's rich espresso stain.

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    Plan for Better Kitchen Storage

    Maximize kitchen storage space in cabinets, drawers, and more with ideas from this storage-packed kitchen.

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