Vintage Treasures Lead a Kitchen Makeover

Two pieces of vintage furniture lead a homeowner into a renovation that expertly blends modern sensibilities with the beauty of time-worn treasures.

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    A Mix of Styles

    The kitchen in this renovated farmhouse utilizes a mix of vintage and modern pieces to form a very personal style. The kitchen was designed around the antique table-turned-island. As the only all-black piece in the kitchen, the black island is even more of a focal point.

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    Table Transformation

    This refurbished table inspired the full-kitchen remodel. With barley-twist legs and carved drawers the rustic table is the room's centerpiece. The piece was revamped with an oversize wooden top and a coat of black paint. It now doubles as a prep center and seating area.

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    Contemporary Blend

    A wall of open shelving paired with a vintage French cabinet creates an eclectic combination in the kitchen. The French cabinet with the farmhouse style was another source of inspiration in the room's design. Large in scale, the piece adds character and tons of storage to the room.

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    Simple Shelves

    The open shelves work to add interest to otherwise plain walls. Simple metal brackets hold up the shelves, which showcase china pieces in a combination of colors.

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    Deliberate Details

    A concrete sink and pullout faucet are simple, industrial elements that add contemporary style to the kitchen. Matte-black slate tiles form the countertop. Using tiles instead of an entire slate slab saves a great deal of money when remodeling a kitchen on a budget.

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    Style Solutions

    Custom cabinetry was designed with an ultra modern sensibility. Drawers, door handles, and knobs are all made of painted wood to simplify the cabinetry and allow the focus to be on the room's fabulous details and vintage finds.

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    High Impact

    The range wall is covered in glass mosaic tiles that shine and sparkle against the rooms' neutral paint and dark countertops. The matte finish on the vent hood adds contrast against the tiled wall.

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    Subtle Touch

    Ridged glass in the upper cabinets gives them a modern twist. The glass on the plain cabinets creates an optical illusion and adds additional interest on the wall.

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    Modern Storage in a Vintage-Style Kitchen

    Get ideas for incorporating the latest storage ideas into any kitchen.


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