13 Design Tricks That Make This Kitchen Makeover Warm and Inviting

A much needed remodel transforms this kitchen in to a hardworking space, filled with traditional style, modern amenities and a welcoming place to gather.

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Efficient Space

With function and storage high on the priority list of this kitchen remodel, the 11x22 foot space needed to be hardworking. The layout of the 12x10-foot kitchen includes zones for cooking, food preparation and cleaning, and the adjacent 10x11-foot breakfast nook is outfitted for eating and entertaining. Plus, both spaces are outfitted with plenty of built-in storage. With a toddler in the house, the storage needed to handle toys and little boots.

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Wide Open


The kitchen and adjacent eating area needed to be cozy enough for the small family to share a meal, yet expansive enough to accommodate relatives and friends. The plan came together one piece at a time. Because the kitchen overlooks the backyard and garage, doors were added to the outside.

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Strategic Layout


An angled countertop forms a peninsula that looks out over the eating area. When planning your kitchen layout, consider your family's needs and preferences. Imagine typical activities (allow enough space), requirements (are family members tall or short?), storage needs (what will you be storing?), and house style (the kitchen should carry out the look).

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Wash Up


A deep sink located in the kitchen's peninsula allows plenty of space to prepare meals. The faucet head pulls out to become a sprayer for easy cleanup.

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Mix Surfaces


The seamless solid-surfacing countertop, which looks to be about 2 inches thick, is actually a thin layer of solid-surfacing mounted on edged plywood.

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Disappearing Vent


A vent that backs the sleek glass cooktop eliminates smoke and cooking odors. The vent retracts when it's not in use.

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Cabinet Display


Patterned-glass doors echo the reflective glass cooktop below and keep dishes free of dust yet on display. The glass is in two layers, with smooth glass on the outside for ease of cleaning, and the patterned glass on the inside.

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Built-In Appliances


Double ovens will come in handy for family baking. To the left of the ovens, the microwave is reachable for a child. Space above the ovens holds the television, usually tuned into cartoons or how-to shows.

Tip: Appliances last, so choose carefully. Buy the best appliances you can afford, but don'twaste money on features you won't use.

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Top-Drawer Storage

kitchen drawer

A top drawer is shallow to hold knives and sharp utensils, and the cutting board pulls out over the knife storage.

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Inviting Banquette

Modern Elements Casual dining

A wall was removed to enlarge the kitchen and provide space for an eating area. In the new casual dining nook, a banquette constructed from wall cabinets adds comfortable seating and offers extra storage under the lid for seldom-used or out-of-season items.

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Bold Accessories


Throw pillows adorn the banquette and help cozy up mealtime.

Tip: Save bold colors for paint, window treatments, and other elements you can easily change, such as these pillows.

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Warm Underfoot


"Rugs" of hand-scraped teak flooring are set into octagonal ceramic tiles. Radiant heat warms up the wood portion of the floor on chilly days, allowing for toasty toes all winter.

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Extra Space


A bank of cherry cabinets near the back door offers extra counter space for serving, food prep, or entertaining, as well as another sink for hand washing.

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