Kitchen Makeover: Divided into Zones

When it comes to laying out your kitchen, dividing up the room into specific zones or task areas helps create an efficient kitchen in which you'll love to work and live.

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    In the Zone

    Every kitchen performs dozens of small tasks: There’s the place you chop the vegetables, the place you reheat leftovers, the place you put away dishes, and so much more. By organizing your kitchen design into zones, you’ll be able to move the flow of traffic and make it easy to focus on the task at hand. This homeowner used zone design to score big with a stylish, transitional space that suits both her cooking and entertaining needs. 

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    Cook's Corner

    Just steps from the island prep area and main sink, a pro-style six-burner range anchors the cooking zone. Deep drawers for pots and pans tuck into the nearby peninsula, maximizing efficiency and minimizing clutter.

    Here, the peninsula really comes into play. You can cook, plate the food, and serve it to guests without having to move from this one area.

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    Cleanup Time

    The key to cleanup is proximity. While the main sink is situated in front of the window, giving the cook a pretty view while doing dishes, its biggest advantage is that items needing to be washed can easily slide down the countertop from the cooking zone. The dishwasher and cabinets for glassware and plates are also within easy reach.

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    Kitchen Color: White

    Learn how to use white in your kitchen -- no matter your style or budget.

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    Prep Areas

    The island is a self-contained prep station with a vegetable sink, impervious concrete countertops, and roomy storage underneath for bowls and utensils. There’s also a chopping station at one end. Because it’s always good to have backup, adding a multitasking peninsula was a strategic move. The peninsula directs the traffic flow to the side of the kitchen and provides seating that was purposefully left off the island, also for traffic-flow reasons. 

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    Snack Zone

    With the microwave and a countertop between the pantry and refrigerator, the built-in beverage and snack station lets kids grab a quick bite without getting in the cook’s way.

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    Office Space

    The desk area attached to the kitchen is command central. From the desk, the homeowner can see everything happening in the house. The bank of cabinetry provides places to hide printers and files when not in use.

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    Smart Seating

    A banquette is an easy way to save space because you can push the table closer to the wall and gain storage space in the drawers underneath the seats. Another plus? An entire team of kids can fit on the bench.

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