Don't Stand with the Refrigerator Open

Kid Friendly Kitchen
In a house where there are swings in bedrooms and a firefighter's pole leading downstairs, a family manages to blend style and function into their kitchen while adding a few youthful touches along the way.

Multiple Amenities

The kitchen is a place where parents and children can come together and make a mess while cooking and making memories. Plus, the parents were tired of telling the kids to shut the refrigerator door. Then they found a glass-front refrigerator-- and it set this kitchen makeover in motion! 

Historical Elements

The stone cottage was built in 1801, so the family wanted to incorporate old materials in keeping with the history of the home. Reclaimed wood beams from old barns add visual interest to the ceiling, while a reclaimed pine floor has a slightly worn-in look.

Smart Solution

The purchase that started it all! The  glass door refrigerator allows the kids to see what they want in the refrigerator without holding the door open for long periods of time. The sleek look spured the rest of the kitchen's design.

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Add Innovation to Your Kitchen

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Clever Cabinetry

On both sides of the sink are storage spaces for everyday small appliances, such as a juicer, toaster, and stand mixer. These nifty spaces are fitted with latches that lend an industrial feel to the kitchen.

Creative Cooking

During parties and gatherings, the double griddle on the range makes cooking for a large group of people an easy task. The backsplash behind the oven is made of a simple, marble slab. Spices and cooking oils are strategically stored in a space created by the range cover.

Island Surprises

The gigantic kitchen island measures 8-1/2 x 6 feet, which offers tons of counter space for meal prep. The island is complete with freezer drawers, a trash center, dish and glassware storage, and a baking center. With three steel stools, the island also doubles as a breakfast bar for kids in the mornings.

Reinvented Storage

Upper cabinets were not installed in the kitchen, so now all the storage can be found in drawers. This design decision makes it easy for the kids to access plates, dishes, and other meal-time necessities.

A Personal Touch

Without upper cabinets obstructing wall space, there is more room to decorate the kitchen. Personal touches like this vintage sign and a collection of rolling pins let the family's personal style shine through.

Specific Style

The family decided to forgo the formal dining room so they could create their dream kitchen and the family atmosphere they wanted. A long farmhouse table serves as the main dining spot. Industrial steel chairs are paired with the reclaimed table to give the room one-of-a-kind style.

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