Favorite Ways to Makeover Your Kitchen

There are dozens of ways to makeover your kitchen, so we've chosen our favorite ones. One or two of these ideas will have your kitchen refreshed and looking great by the weekend!

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    How to Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

    Get a new look in your kitchen with a few cabinet updates. And best of all, you don't have to completely tear out your cabinets to get a fresh look


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    A $500 Kitchen Makeover

    See how a team of editors revamped this kitchen for less than $500.

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    Add Instant Messaging to Cabinets

    Add even more function to the inside of your cabinets with this easy DIY.

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    How to Update Cabinets with Easy Door Inserts

    Update your cabinets in no time with inexpensive materials.

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    How to Use Molding to Upgrade Your Cabinets

    Create the look of detailed custom cabinetry by using molding from your local hardware store.

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    16 Kitchen Trends That Are Here to Stay

    Just because it's trending doesn't mean it's not timeless. These gorgeous kitchen trends -- including minimal upper cabinetry, sparkling quartz counters, and one-of-a-kind ceiling treatments -- are guaranteed to stand the test of time.
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