The Contemporary Kitchen Makeover They Wish They'd Done Sooner

An outdated and cramped kitchen was brought back to life with custom cabinetry, new flooring, and modern accessories that create a unique and contemporary space. These homeowners only wish they had done their dream transformation sooner!

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    Before: Boxy and Cramped

    A boxy and outdated 1960s kitchen was screaming for a remodel in this home. The peninsula with its floating cabinets separated the kitchen from the rest of the room and made the cook feel claustrophobic.

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    After: Open and Modern

    In three months, this kitchen was opened up, given a style overhaul, and turned into a fully functional, contemporary kitchen. The addition of new cabinets and quartz-surfacing countertops made a world of difference in brightening this kitchen.

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    Wow-Worthy Walls

    Stacked limestone to the ceiling gives texture to walls and warms up the all-white palette. Stainless-steel hardware adds sparkle and dimension to the cabinets.

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    Functional Focal Point

    The round range hood acts as a fun yet functional piece in the kitchen. The curved lines of the range hood contrast the rest of the room's sharp lines.

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    Totally Tubular

    A modern, tubular faucet goes perfectly with a stainless-steel undermount sink. The faucet and sink are in line with the kitchen's distinctly modern and clean look.

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    Custom Perks

    In this kitchen, custom cabinetry makes kitchen storage a breeze. Glass-front cabinet doors allow for dishware to be displayed while solid lower cabinets store other items out of sight. The countertop between serves as a coffee bar and additional prep space.

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    Connecting Spaces

    A TV area helps to connect the kitchen and living room and creates a sense of open living. Serveware and other dining accessories are stored away in the sleek cabinets. The same stacked limestone tile is carried over from the kitchen.

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    Seamless Transition

    A small dining area blends into the kitchen with its neutral color palette and clean lines. An area rug helps to define the space as does a single drum light fixture. 

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    Why Wait

    While reluctant at first, the homeowners decided to replace the flooring and opted for contemporary gray porcelain tile that looks like wood. Their only regret with the project? They wish they had done the renovation sooner!

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    Bonus: How to Get a Modern Look

    Get more ideas for designing a modern kitchen in your home.

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