30 Innovative Kitchen and Bath Products You’ll Love

Samsung Smart Dial washer and dryer
Photo: Courtesy of Samsung Home Appliances

Dreaming of a new kitchen or bath? Consider these award-winning products, which marry superior function with eye-catching style.

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High-Tech Dishwasher

GE Profile UltraFresh System Dishwasher
Courtesy of GE Appliances

Upgrade your dishwasher with this high-tech model that uses Microban technology to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. Drain sensors add fresh water to keep odors away.

Buy It: GE Profile UltraFresh System Dishwasher with Microban Antimicrobial Technology ($1,199, GE Appliances)

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Custom Refrigerator

Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator
Courtesy of Samsung Home Appliances

Get a refrigerator that matches your lifestyle, home, and needs. This bespoke model offers customized door options, a quick-access beverage center with filtered or flavored water, and a Flex Zone that converts from fridge to freezer.

Buy It: Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator ($2,798–$2,899, Samsung Home Appliances)

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Statement Chandelier

marcel lighting fixture by kalco
Courtesy of Kalco Lighting

Inspired by midcentury-modern style, this statement chandelier (also available as a wall sconce) combines brass arms, matte-black domes, and an intriguing silhouette that is sure to draw attention above a breakfast or dining table.

Buy It: Marcel ($831, Kalco Lighting)

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Stylish Hardware

Urban Suite cabinet pulls
Courtesy of Ashley Norton

Organic shapes allude to the fluidity of water and give these cabinet pulls a comfortable, relaxed appearance. The collection includes six sleek knob and pull designs.

Buy It: Urban Suite (starting at $14.20 for knobs and $17 for pulls, Ashley Norton)

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Quiet Door Latch

TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch
Courtesy of INOX

No more slamming doors! This unique magnetic latch promises a quiet close every time, while its lip-free design prevents ugly scuffs and scratches. The magnet latch is the first of its kind for indoor use.

Buy It: TL7 Magnetic Tubular Latch (starting at $40, INOX)

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Easy Window Operator

Easy-Slide Operator for window
Courtesy of Pella Corp.

Forget cumbersome cranking. This innovative system allows users to open and close casement or awning windows with a simple sliding motion. The operator's small, sleek design is discreet so as not to impede the view.

Buy It: Easy-Slide Operator ($50 per window unit, Pella Corp.)

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Smart Showerhead

HydroVive Rainhead
Courtesy of ThermaSol

This high-tech showerhead combines light, sound, and water for a customized experience that will invigorate your body and mind. Personalize your shower with 300 adjustable jets, 200 dimmable LEDs, and four top-of-the-line speakers.

Buy It: HydroVive Rainhead ($7,490, ThermaSol)

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Showstopping Sink

gold sink by native trails
Courtesy of Native Trails

Made of fireclay and coated in 24K matte gold, this exquisite bathroom sink is crafted by skilled artisans with materials imported from central Italy. The sink, which is also available in a silver or platinum glaze, is one of five designs in this statement-making collection.

Buy It: Amara from the Precious Metals collection ($1,698–$1,998, Native Trails)

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Furniture-Style Vanity

Logan Vanity
Courtesy of The Furniture Guild

Each vanity in this extensive collection resembles a handcrafted piece of furniture with sleek metal detailing and customized storage solutions.

Buy It: Logan Vanity collection (pricing varies, The Furniture Guild)

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USB Outlet

black outlet with USB charging
Courtesy of Legrand

With this USB outlet, you can charge your devices without the need to search for an adapter or plug-in. Enjoy the convenience of built-in USB connections, two- or three-prong charging, and an automatic self-tester.

Buy It: GFCI USB ($46.98–$61.78, Legrand)

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Beverage Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Beverage Center
Courtesy of Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Never go thirsty again with this designer beverage refrigerator suitable for any room. UV-resistant glass protects against light spoilage while Wi-Fi functionality offers remote temperature control.

Buy It: Sub-Zero 24" Designer Undercounter Beverage Center ($2,875, Sub-Zero Group, Inc.)

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Battery-Powered Smart Toilet

Avoir Toilet
Courtesy of Kohler

Imagine powering your electric toilet for a full year with four AA batteries. With this sleek, modern toilet, no pesky electrical line is needed. The toilet features a simple design, quiet close seat, and an emergency button in case of battery failure.

Buy It: Avoir Toilet ($1,998, Kohler)

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Colorful Outdoor Kitchen

olive outdoor kitchen station
Courtesy of Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Add vibrant color to your outdoor space with this ultra-modern outdoor kitchen, available in 13 powder-coated hues, ranging from subtle neutrals to bold, saturated hues. Find a shade that suits your backyard style.

Buy It: 2021 Color collection (pricing available upon request, Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens)

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Combination Steam Oven

Combination Steam Oven
Courtesy of Fisher and Paykel

Increase your food's freshness and flavor with this high-tech combination steam oven that lets you steam, bake, dehydrate, and air-fry with ease. The large-cavity oven includes a drop-down water tank, so a water line is not required. The easy-to-use touch screen guides you through 22 cooking options.

Buy It: 24-Inch Combination Steam Oven ($4,799, Fisher & Paykel)

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Freestanding Soaker Tub

white freestanding tub
Courtesy of Americh

Taking a relaxing soak just got easier. This two-person tub comes with built-in armrests for a convenient, peaceful experience while the nonporous, acrylic design makes cleaning simple. If you're looking to add flair to your bathroom, choose from a variety of colors. The freestanding tub is comfortably sized at 72×40×24 inches.

Buy It: Valerie ($8,500, Americh)

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Carbon-Neutral Surfacing

Sunlit Days sink
Courtesy of Cosentino

The first-ever carbon-neutral collection for the quartz and engineered stone industry, this sleek surfacing—available in five Mediterranean-inspired colors—is made with 99% reused water, 100% renewable energy, and 20% recycled raw materials.

Buy It: Sunlit Days collection (pricing available upon request, Cosentino)

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Stylish Faucet

Fulton Positive Lock Pulldown Faucet
Courtesy of Waterstone Faucets

Avoid fighting your faucet hose with a sprayer that locks into place using a counterbalanced weight. With a hose that won't snap or sag, dishes will be less of a chore. Select a body and accent color that fits your space with 32 available customizable finishes.

Buy It: Fulton Positive Lock Pulldown Faucet ($1,859, Waterstone Faucets)

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Wear-Resistant Hardwood Flooring

Bruce Dogwood Densified Wood floor
Courtesy of Bruce Hardwood Floors

Tired of scratches, gouges, and dents in your hardwood floors? This proprietary hardwood has double the density of regular wood, making it resistant to wear and tear. Exclusive Cleantivity technology prevents odors and discoloration caused by mold and mildew.

Buy It: Bruce Dogwood Densified Wood ($4.99–$7.49 per square foot, Bruce Hardwood Floors)

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Elegant Washbasin

White Tulip Freestanding Washbasin
Courtesy of Duravit

Bring signature elements of the outdoors inside. Designer Philippe Starck took inspiration from a flower in full bloom for this sophisticated ceramic washbasin. The delicate, glossy design adds elegance and vitality to any bathroom.

Buy It: White Tulip Freestanding Washbasin ($4,045, Duravit)

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Pickling Cabinet

Pickling Cabinet
Courtesy of Lanserring

Pick up a new hobby—and reduce food waste—with this custom-made walnut pickling cabinet. The sophisticated design expertly blends old and new for a look that will work in any kitchen.

Buy It: Pickling Cabinet (Pricing available upon request, Lanserring)

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Cabinet Protectors

Stainless Steel Door and Drawerhead Edge Protector
Courtesy of Wood-Mode

Maintain the look of your Wood-Mode cabinets and drawers with metal edge protectors that cover the top of each drawer and 7 inches down the back to prevent water and waste damage.

Buy It: Stainless-Steel Door and Drawerhead Edge Protector (Pricing available upon request, Wood-Mode)

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Wallpaper Murals

bathroom with colorful wallpaper
Courtesy of York Wallcoverings

Wallpaper is back in vogue! These statement-making murals come in 16 styles and can be used for full-room wraps or single-wall installations. Choose from a range of traditional and contemporary designs, including florals, geometrics, landscapes, and more.

Buy It: Murals Resource Library Volume 2 ($350-$500, York Wallcoverings)

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Eco-Friendly Showerhead

gold eco-friendly shower head
Courtesy of Moen Inc.

Save water without sacrificing relaxation with this multifunctional showerhead that boasts four distinct settings for optimal heat, rinsing, body coverage, and personalization. Designed with eco-friendliness in mind, the nozzle uses up to 50 percent less water than a standard showerhead.

Buy It: Nebia by Moen Quattro (Starting at $129, Moen Inc.)

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Custom Appliance Prints

BlueStar graphic refrigerator
Courtesy of BlueStar

Let your imagination run wild with customizable appliance prints. Provide an image, graphic, text, or print and watch your appliance's appearance transform. High-definition imagery and a durable powder-coat finish maintain the appliance's sleek look and strong quality.

Buy It: BlueStar by Design ($2,500 upgrade, BlueStar)

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Smart Washer and Dryer

Samsung Smart Dial washer and dryer
Courtesy of Samsung Home Appliances

Make laundry easy with a smart washer and dryer. Artificial intelligence learns your cycle and setting preferences and alerts your smartphone when loads are complete.

Buy It: Smart Dial Front Load Washer & Dryer ($1,598–$1,698 for both washer and dryer, Samsung Home Appliances)

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Workstation Sink

Dual Tier 45-inch Workstation Kitchen Sink
Courtesy of Ruvati USA

Turn your sink into an all-in-one workstation with integrated accessories for easy prep and cleanup. This multiuse sink—the largest apron-front model on the market—includes a cutting board, drying rack, strainer, mixing bowl, and more, and can comfortably accommodate two faucets and two chefs.

Buy It: Dual Tier 45-inch Workstation Kitchen Sink ($1,590, Ruvati USA)

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Pro-Style Range

orange Professional Gas Range
Courtesy of Forza

This 48-inch pro-style gas range is the first of its size to offer a single oven cavity big enough to fit two turkeys. The feature is sure to come in handy while hosting guests during the holidays. The gas range is designed to bring commercial cooking home with eight burners and seven color options.

Buy It: 48" Professional Gas Range (Starting at $8,599, Forza)

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Undercounter Wine Fridge

Undercounter Wine Refrigerator
Courtesy of Signature Kitchen Suite

Enjoy wine at its best with this undercounter wine refrigerator that minimizes vibration and light while optimizing temperature and humidity. The Signature Sommelier app learns preferences and offers recommendations for the perfect food pairing.

Buy It: Undercounter Wine Refrigerator ($3,499, Signature Kitchen Suite)

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Sanitizing Paint

SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology
Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Take the term "clean surface" to a whole new level. This patented sanitizing paint—available in 540 colors—kills 99.9% of staph and E. coli on painted surfaces within two hours of exposure.

Buy It: SuperPaint with Sanitizing Technology ($70.49 per gallon, Sherwin-Williams)

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Tile Rug

gray Artaic rug
Courtesy of Artaic

Bring a sense of grandeur to your bath with a custom tile rug that mimics the ornate detail of Persian tapestries. Using the technology of digitally rendered imagery, each tile type, colorway, and size can be customized to fit the design and aesthetic of your space.

Buy It: Manor Pigment from the Lasting Rugs collection (Pricing varies, Artaic)

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