DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

Do-it-yourself updates make your home personal and create conversation pieces. Add some of these stylish storage pieces to your home with our clever ideas for repurposing.

Entertainment Center

Deep drawers make an antique grain bin well-suited for storing dinner-party staples, such as candles, table linens, and special-occasion china. Add elegance to the top with a slab of salvaged marble.

Tooling Around

Transport serving necessities to the table with ease in a wooden tool caddy. Spruce it up with a coat of milk paint for a vintage look, or try spray paint in a bold hue.

Handy Helper

Place a salvaged slab of granite from a local supplier atop a sofa console to create a kitchen island with a slim profile. For a piece that can double as a breakfast bar, use a slab that overhangs on both sides. Add vintage hooks to hold dish towels or often-used utensils.

See how a basic, ready-to-assemble kitchen island becomes a storage dream, thanks to clever DIY add-ons and updates.

Clever Kitchen Island

See how to outfit a standard IKEA island with loads of storage and smart style.


Drop Zone

Add hooks to an interesting piece of architectural salvage to give it purpose. When hung in a mudroom above a bench, the hooks will ensure that you and your family have a place to drop coats, bags, and shoes.

Crystal Clear

Display and label frequently used grains in your kitchen. Create your own label design on decal paper, and fuse the printable paper with decal coating paper in a laminator. Apply to your choice of glass containers for water-resistant storage that wows.

Stylish Wine Storage

Transform a reclaimed mail sorting station into a beverage depot with spray paint and minimalist hairpin legs. For a pop of color, paint hairpin legs in a bold accent, like turquoise. Finish with clear polyurethane, let dry, and store your favorite wines in style.

Cut Above the Rest

Make your own knife holder with a handful of brass screws and washers, pine wood, and plexiglass sheeting. Layer wood to your desired thickness, glue, and stain. Drill pilot holes for the screws, then attach the plexiglass to the wood with the washers and screws leaving enough space for the knife blades.

Seal the Deal

Spare wine corks laying around? Put them to use as genius kitchen storage. With a sharp knife, cut a slit into the cork about halfway down so it easily slides onto the folded seam of a bag of snacks or baking ingredients.

Step Up

Give a stepladder new life as countertop shelving. Remove the back legs with a drill. Place the ladder against the wall to determine shelf placement, then glue and screw shelves into place on the rungs. Flat metallic paint provides an antique nickel finish.

Revive and Reuse

Make over a thrift store canister with splashes of color on the lids and stand for a cheery candy dispenser. Chalkboard labels on the sides indicate each container's contents.

Go Green

Create your own herb garden with Mason jars and an old crate. Rebuild the crate so it's wide enough for a single row of jars. Fill the jars with potting soil and your favorite herbs for a handy garden that makes mealtime convenient.

Sweet Treat

Skip expensive cake stands, and try this DIY kitchen storage instead. Spray-paint a bowl, glue on a plastic figurine (with gold-painted ears for good measure), and top a plate for a low-cost way to create a stylish covered dish. 

Glass Act

Hardworking recycled glass jars contain loads of charm when dressed up for kitchen storage. Here, the jars are used as vases, but we love them for storing kitchen utensils. A mix of decoupage medium, water, and food coloring tint these containers before the color is set in the oven.

Positive Charge

Use an old toolbox as an undercover charging station. Drill a hole in the back of the box to make way for a power strip. Then cover the power strip with a board featuring drilled holes for electronic cords.

Bag Basics

Take control of your plastic and zip-top bags with metal tissue holders. Add a terrine pan with removable sides and bottom for extra storage for clips and ties.

In the Shadows

Use a drawer from a damaged or discarded dresser as a shadow box. A fresh coat of paint and a leftover piece of wallpaper or scrapbook paper taped inside turn a useless drawer into a work of art.

Printable Canister Labels

Get these FREE downloadable canister labels to keep your kitchen organized.


The Space Between

In a small kitchen or one with few cabinets, use the space between two studs to create open shelves without cramping the room's footprint.

Server on Wheels

Lightly sand a found metal storage shelf and paint it a bright hue, then add casters to create a bar on wheels.

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