Kitchen linens and towels are getting their day in the sun and staying out of the drawers. With so many pretty options for towels, they can be used to decorate and brighten your kitchen space. These DIY options give you five ways to bring some fun to your kitchen without breaking the budget.
DIY Kitchen Linens

Starting with a simple flour-sack towel and fabric marker, you can create a customized towel for your kitchen. This style uses simple graphic patterns on repeat and brings in a modern feel. Any style can be used -- it really just depends on your artistic bravery. You can find all of the details and the tutorial at Delia Creates.

Trace It

DIY Kitchen Linens

If you are feeling less confident in your artistic abilities, you can always use this method from Cherished Bliss . You can add words, images, and even patterns to a plain white towel and bring in a sense of humor and style. This would be a great way to list out favorite recipes for your kitchen.

Photo-Transfer It

DIY Butcher Sign

If you are feeling no confidence in your artistic abilities or if you want to add a more complex image to your tea towels, this transfer method from Finding Home Farms is for you. Create or purchase an image of any kind and use it to personalize your kitchen. Find a place to hang it like art, and change it out for the seasons or for holidays.

Start from Scratch

Tea towel tutorial

Patterned kitchen towels can be expensive or it can be hard to find just right print to go with your style. This tutorial from On Sutton Place takes you through the simple steps for creating customized towels from any fabric. Of course, the result might be used for a "just for show" towel, so don't limit yourself on your fabric choices. These would also make nice housewarming or hostess gifts.

Make an Apron Out of It!

DIY Apron

Or course, if you find a tea towel that you love, it can do more than dry dishes or hang on display. Use the simple steps shared on Sutton Place to turn your favorite tea towel into a functional apron. There is no reason why you shouldn't look as cute as your kitchen.


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