Create a Beverage Station from Shelving

Create a beverage station for your kitchen or porch with easily installed shelving and a few genius touches.

Transform three shelves into a handy porch or kitchen beverage station. The top two shelves, supported by birch brackets, feature easy-to-install slotted molding for stemware, cup hooks, and a stacking wine rack to boost storage potential. The deeper bottom shelf functions as a food-prep table; it relies on sturdy metal brackets to hold strong. A skirt, made of easy-clean laminated fabric, is tacked along the shelf's edges and hides the brackets and more storage beneath.

Tip: Shop for furniture-quality shelf boards at your local home center. For this project, we picked up a pair of 1x12x28-inch boards in poplar. If you need your boards shortened to 40 inches, like ours, check with the home center to see if they can make the cuts for you.

How-To: Install Stemware Slats

Materials: Shelf board Shelf brackets Oak wineglass molding (we found ours at Power drill Wood screws Wood filler

1. Cut slats to depth of your shelf board.

2. Place the first piece of molding about 1 inch from the inside edge of the shelf brackets. Screw in place.

3. Place a wineglass on the shelf board, tucking it beside and beneath the molding. Position the next slat for easy access to stemware et able to suspend the bottom of the glass when the shelf is hung.

4. Remove the glass; screw the molding and additional pieces in place.

5. Screw the shelf brackets into wall studs. Screw the shelf boards to the brackets. Fill in all holes with wood filler.


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