Kitchen Updates on a Budget

Although the appliances, cabinets, and flooring in this kitchen were in good condition and the galley layout was workable, the space lacked a little spice. With an investment just under $500, the kitchen received a fresh spruce-up on a wallet-friendly budget.

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    Fresh Slate

    Countertops were the major change in the makeover of this 10x9-foot galley kitchen. The clean-lined laminate countertops in a slightly speckled charcoal give the kitchen a contemporary feel and allow brighter accents to take center stage.

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    Utility Meets Style

    By replacing the old sink with a deeper, stainless-steel drop-in option, the kitchen combines simple convenience with budget-friendly style.

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    Blending In

    With existing white appliances in good working condition, it didn't make fiscal sense to invest in new models. So, the kitchen's makeover was worked around the white finish of the appliances. Bringing in gray and black helps the white appliances blend with their new neighbors.

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    Subtle Splash

    A new backsplash added another surface change for just $65. The gray hexagonal tiles keep the kitchen looking clean and bright and are a perfect complement to the dark countertops.

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    Silver Linings

    When a full cabinet makeover isn't in the budget, simply switching out the hardware can yield an updated look. In the case of this kitchen, the cabinets lacked any knobs or pulls from the get-go. The brushed-nickel finish adds sparkle to the previously lackluster cabinets.

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    Fresh Coat

    While the gray paint color is subtle, it adds a finishing polish to the kitchen. The black, white, and gray color scheme is timeless, while accessories introduce hints of color on a budget.

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    Added Interest

    Simple picture ledges turn the blank wall at the back of the kitchen into a focal point. The ledges make it easy to swap out pictures and accessories.

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