Experts Say These 8 Kitchen Decorating Ideas Will Stay Current

Discover all the kitchen finishes, colors, and fixtures that will be big in the new year.

Trends come and go each year, but when designing a kitchen, you want a lasting look. The average kitchen remodel costs about $20,000 and takes several weeks (or even months) to complete, so renovating every time an of-the-moment look becomes passé isn't realistic.

We talked with design and color experts across the kitchen industry to find the trends with staying power and perennial classics that are everywhere in 2020. Here are the kitchen design trends forecast to dominate.

hudson valley lighting in kitchen
Courtesy of Jessica Brigham

1. Mix-and-Match Lighting

Why not incorporate both if you can't choose between a beautiful chandelier or those to-die-for pendants? With an increasing focus on lighting as a decorative element, mixing different styles and types has never been more popular in kitchens. The trend lets you celebrate multiple aesthetics.

In a well-designed kitchen, lighting serves various functions. For example, an overhead fixture brightens up the overall space, while sconces illuminate specific tasks. "For kitchens, there's definitely been an uptick in pendants for use over islands," says Ashley Fothergill, creative director at Mitzi and Hudson Valley Lighting. "Sconces are in demand, too, for lighting the washing of dishes in the sink or as an accent along a backsplash behind the stove."

Take time to think about how your cooking space functions and how different types of light—ambient, layer, and task—can best meet your needs. Then consider varying the style between fixtures, like pairing midcentury pendants with French-country sconces. As you mix and match, choose at least one element, such as the finish or shape, and keep it consistent between fixtures to maintain a cohesive look.

Utilizing an artful mix of lighting will give your kitchen a stylish appearance and make it a more livable space.

kitchen with dark blue cabinet blue flowers on island
David A Land

2. Beautiful Blues

Shades of blue will continue to be popular in the new year—as evidenced by Pantone's pick for 2020 Color of the Year. And it's no wonder this friendly, approachable hue is great for kitchens. "The blue color family is extremely versatile," says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. "Its varying shades—from light to denim to navy—have calming qualities that induce a sense of comfort at home and feel almost neutral."

A calming color is a clear winner when considering how much time you spend in your kitchen. We especially love the deep moody blues and rich blue-greens that pair beautifully with many other kitchen trends, like brass hardware and natural wood accents. Wadden suggests Charcoal Blue SW 2739, a smoky slate blue, as a color that complements light countertops and warm wood tones.

kitchen lighting with brass finish
Courtesy of Jenna Peffley

3. Brass Accents

Drawer pulls, faucets, light fixtures, and decorative elements in brass finishes add a touch of shine to your kitchen's design. And no matter the finish—satin, unlacquered, or polished brass—this metal makes a stylish statement.

"Brass offers a classic and timeless look while still feeling bold and contemporary," says Amy Biller Switzer, marketing manager at Emtek and Schaub. "We will see that continue into 2020." The finish blends nicely with most kitchen design styles, but we especially love the look of brass hardware against dark, moody cabinetry or a polished brass faucet that acts as a shiny focal point in a neutral kitchen.

bright yellow stove in a kitchen
Courtesy of Janet Gridley

4. Colorful Ranges

White kitchens will always have a place in our hearts, but we're excited about all the bold kitchen color choices trending right now. We're particularly fond of the expanding color options available for ranges, and we're not just talking about white and matte black options.

"There's been a spike in the popularity of bold colors in the kitchen, due in part to a rise in the influence of European design trends within the U.S. market," says Valentina Bertazzoni, head of brand and style at Bertazzoni.

In addition to traditional color offerings, the Bertazzoni Professional Series ranges are available in three fiery hues. "Red is among the most popular statement colors and is a classic choice that pairs well with both modern and traditional styles, while orange and yellow have been on the rise and bring a contemporary flair to any space," Bertazzoni says.

inside cabinets to show storage
Erin Kestenbaum

5. Custom Storage Solutions

As the heart of the home, kitchens tend to serve multiple purposes. That's why smart storage is essential for keeping kitchen clutter at bay and making the most of available space. Creative storage solutions are popular add-ons in kitchen design. Around 78% of homeowners renovating their kitchens are planning to include specialty storage in their new cabinetry, according to a 2019 Houzz study.

Case in point: Photographer and designer Erin Kestenbaum transformed her kitchen as part of this fall's One Room Challenge and thoughtfully included enhanced storage space. Kestenbaum's creative solutions included vertical tray storage above the fridge, a narrow drawer for oils and spices by the range, and a coffee bar built into a full-height cabinet. "I love designing upfront ways to hide the clutter and appliances that, without a home, will inevitably end up on your countertop occupying space," she says.

Updating your kitchen and brainstorming ways to amp up your storage? "Think vertically to max out your storage on one wall," Kestenbaum says. "And consider adding storage in less traditional places like in the corners on your countertop."

Dark green kitchen with white counters
Kitchen cabinets in Tarrytown Green by Benjamin Moore. Anthony Masterson

6. Updated Shaker Style

Shaker-style cabinets have long been a staple in farmhouse-style kitchens. The style continues to diversify to stay relevant in 2020. "We are certainly in an age of Shaker-mania," says Stephanie Pierce, director of design and trends at MasterBrand Cabinets. "They have a broad appeal and are available everywhere."

Pierce points to the Shaker classic design and simplicity as a reason for their staying power. However, other Shaker varieties, like those with narrow, medium, and wide rail widths, are also on the rise. "All of these capture top spots in both trend direction and current sales, meaning we don't see this style going away any time soon," she says.

The broad appeal of Shaker cabinets helps them blend well with many design aesthetics. Variations of this classic style support the casual contemporary, updated traditional, and modern farmhouse looks that many of today's homeowners adore.

Laura Moss Photography Corp

7. Integrated Appliances

Designed to fit flush and coordinate with kitchen cabinetry, integrated appliances, particularly refrigerators and dishwashers, are on the rise, according to industry experts. Today's options prevent utilitarian devices from breaking up sightlines. They seamlessly disappear into surrounding cabinetry to provide a more cohesive look and luxurious aesthetic.

Pierre Martin, vice president of marketing at Fisher & Paykel, says integration is a big 2020 kitchen trend. "Our integrated appliances allow total design freedom, which is a feature that yields itself across aesthetic and style preferences," he says. Meshing with their minimalist design philosophy, Fisher & Paykel has added dozens of integrated offerings to their product lines recently, including column cooling units, under-counter cooling drawers, and dishwashers.

To achieve a seamless look that brings style to the forefront, disguise a refrigerator or dishwasher with custom paneling or build wall ovens and other appliances into cabinetry for a streamlined effect.

view of light kitchen with wood cabinets
Courtesy of Michael Lee

8. Warm Wood Grains

Wood surfaces lend warmth and natural beauty to any space, and the material has taken a leading role in kitchens. "There are so many things that are appealing about wood," says Liz Stiving-Nichols, interior designer at Martha's Vineyard Interior Design. "It feels substantial, warm, and there is something unknowingly comforting about it."

Stiving-Nichols recently designed a kitchen based on gorgeous walnut cabinets created by the home's architect. "[The] stunning custom walnut cabinets truly deserved to be the focus of the kitchen," she says. "The flat-front cabinets and carved integral pulls allowed the walnut itself to remain an uninterrupted design feature."

Use warm wood tones to balance a crisp white kitchen or to enhance the appeal of deep green and blue tones. Natural finishes pair well with various styles, including contemporary cabinetry and traditional countertops.

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