2019 Kitchen Trends We Can't Get Enough Of

The era of all-white kitchens may be coming to a close. See what kitchen design trends you can expect to see this year.

Whether you're in the midst of planning a remodel or just want to give your kitchen an easy update, look to these rising design trends for inspiration. With ideas for storage, color, appliances, and more, our collection of 2019 kitchen trends has something for everyone. Plus, each has major lasting power, so you can feel good about incorporating them into the hub of your home.

statement blue kitchen tour wall racks oven hood refridgerator
Anthony Masterson

1. Beautiful Blues

Move over, all-white kitchens. From lighter robin’s egg blue to deep, moody navy, blue is having a major moment in the kitchen. “It’s a color that's diverse, inclusive, and, just like your favorite blue jeans, goes with nearly everything," says Erika Woelfel, Vice President of Color and Creative Services at The Behr Paint Company.

With its calming properties, Erika says blue is more popular than ever in kitchens of all sizes. Trending blues range from the whispery and atmospheric Watery, to deep and mysterious shades like Dark Navy or Blue Metal, to Behr's 2019 Color of the Year: Blueprint. These hues work well on their own or layered together to create a monochromatic effect.

“Lighter, icy shades create a crisp, clean look, while dark blues make a dramatic, sophisticated statement," says Erika. "We’re seeing a lot of mid-to-deep-toned blues on cabinets and islands, paired with white walls and finishes."

thermador 36 inch master downdraft food
Image courtesy Thermador.

2. Induction Cooking

Induction cooktops continue to grow in popularity as connected home technology becomes more mainstream. Its safe-to-the-touch surface is perfect for families with small children, plus its speedy heating time gets dinner on the table fast.

“Consumers are looking for cooking appliances that are more responsive, flexible, intuitive to use and that produce chefs’ quality cooking results," says Beatriz Sandoval, Director of Brand Marketing for Thermador.

Beatriz says consumers are also looking for more space and flexibility in using larger cookware, and Thermador's newest induction cooktop, Freedom, offers the largest usable cooking surface on the market. "With faster and more precise heating, unparalleled power and standout simmering results, induction cooking is a method we can expect will continue to trend upward," she says.

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Image courtesy Milieu.

3. Fresh Takes on Open Shelving

We might have Joanna Gaines to thank for bringing open shelving to the masses, but a simple scroll through the beautiful kitchens on social media proves this stylish look continues to evolve. No longer just plain shelves, live-edge wood, glass, marble, and mixed metal finishes have all entered the mix.

“The concept of open shelving, until recent years, has always come with a daunting fear of exposing one's tangled cabinet innards," says Stephen and Janessa Gertz of MILIEU. "However when executed properly, open shelving can act as a great way to showcase tableware. It can give height to a small kitchen, creating a light open feeling.

Play around with materials, mounting method, and finishes to get a unique open shelving look suited to your kitchen style. To keep the look bright and showcase your glassware and heirlooms, consider adding specialty lighting.

GE Cafe matte black dishwasher green cabinets
Image courtesy GE. Image courtesy GE

4. Matte Black Finishes

Striking black finishes have been creeping into kitchens on barstools, windows, and sinks, but now you can incorporate the bold hue into your entire kitchen suite.

As consumers look to personalize their appliances, manufacturers are creating new finishes to stand out from the sea of stainless steel. The GE Café Matte Collection offers a full suite of appliances, including ovens, dishwashers, and refrigerators, in both matte black and matte white finishes.

"Café marries luxury with affordability and encourages consumers to be bold in their choices, as the hardware can continually be updated to fit the latest trends and style preferences," Rick Hasselbeck, GE Appliances chief commercial officer, said in a press release.

Not only does the smudge-proof finish hide pesky fingerprints, but matte black grounds a room and pairs well with natural elements like stone, wood, and brick.

The English Room colorful dining room and kitchen
Image courtesy The English Room.

5. Furniture Benches and Banquettes

Furniture benches are a dining room seating staple, so it's no surprise they're making a comeback. Whether a custom-built banquette with loads of hidden storage or an elegant piece that coordinates with your dining chairs, furniture benches are a stylish solution for fitting more people around the table for family dinners.

“Banquettes give a soft feel to a dining space... It becomes a place to linger," says interior designer Holly Hollingsworth Phillips of The English Room. "You also have endless options because they are generally custom-made for the space."

For families, Holly recommends a banquette with leather, faux leather, or a performance fabric for easy cleaning.

white kitchen with mixed metal finishes and hardware
Adam Albright Photography, Inc.

6. Mixed Metals

With a wide variety of hardware finishes on the market, matchy-matchy kitchens might soon be a thing of the past. Striking mixed metal elements have made their way into consumer homes on appliances, fixtures, hardware, and more.

Jessica Birchfield, Moen senior industrial designer, says consumers are becoming more open to experimenting with colors and nontraditional finishes. "Whether it’s their cabinet hardware or the finish of their faucet, combining colors such as matte black and brushed gold allow homeowners to try something new while still maintaining a timeless style that will endure for years to come," she says.

Not to mention, mixed metals are easy to incorporate with a variety of decor styles, whether you prefer modern farmhouse, shabby-chic, or minimalism.

“Homeowners should start by adding smaller metallic decor elements, such as cabinet pulls, lighting, or accent pieces, into their existing designs," says Jessica. "As they select the metallic finishes they like, they can begin looking into bigger impact options, such as a faucet."

dabito guesthouse one room challenge fall photo by 2018
Image courtesy Dabito.

7. Tile with Intrigue

We fully support a good subway tile backsplash, but we’re also falling for today's array of beautiful, bold tile designs. Use artisanal tile to spice up a white kitchen or add even more intrigue to a colorful kitchen.

“I definitely think people are going to be more bold in picking out not only tiles, but color, and pattern for their homes in the coming year," says Dabito of Old Brand New. "People are definitely tired of seeing basic, boring white homes. We need more homes with color!”

If you're hesitant to go straight to a loud, colorful tile choice, start with a simple pattern in black and white. “I chose Moroccan cement tiles with a very simple organic pattern for our backsplash [pictured above]," says Dabito. "It's handmade and playful without being too overwhelming.”

master brand roll out pantry
Image courtesy MasterBrand.

8. Stylish Storage

Thanks in part to Marie Kondo, as well as the trend in minimalist Scandinavian style, a decluttering movement is well underway. And no room needs storage quite as much as the kitchen.

“When today’s homeowners are investing in their kitchens, they are looking for ways to organize and gain access to highly utilized areas of the kitchen, such as trash bases, pot and pan storage, and utensils,” says Stephanie Pierce, director of design & trends at MasterBrand Cabinets.

Drawers are one of the most popular kitchen storage trends, replacing traditional base cabinets. “The two-drawer base offers all the same storage space as a typical two-door base cabinet, yet with better visibility and no bending down or climbing into the cabinet to retrieve what is at the back," says Stephanie.

Whether it's an expansive spice jar drawer or built-in baking sheet organizer, custom kitchen storage solutions allow homeowners to carve out space for the items they use most. But Stephanie urges homeowners to factor these solutions into the budget before remodeling.

“Homeowners often neglect to budget for these types of enhancements and then end up sacrificing them during their projects," she says. "We also know that the rate of regret for not including them is high."

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