Outdoor Kitchens You Have to See to Believe

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These luxury kitchen ideas pull out all the stops. See how food, entertaining, and the great outdoors come together in dreamy outdoor kitchen styles.

Cooking with a View

Equipped with top-of-the-line grilling, warming, and watering stations, this patio serves up a full-service luxury kitchen. Positioning the cooking and prep areas along the patio's perimeter allows the cook to take in hillside views. A pair of pendant lights illuminates food-prep tasks. Barstools pull up to a tall table that doubles as an eating and serving area. And the view isn't too shabby either.

Made in the Shade

Shaded by a pergola, cooled by a ceiling fan, and furnished to the nines, this open kitchen design draws people outside and surrounds them with indoor comforts. The far stone wall houses a gas grill and a four-burner cooktop, which amplify cooking options. Smooth stone slabs topping the wall provide food-prep surfaces and landing areas for in-process dishes. 

Outdoor Kitchen Plus

Dream kitchen ideas pull out all the stops. Here, a galley-style kitchen equipped with all the bells and whistles lines up along a stone pathway leading to a focal-point wood-burning oven that also serves as a fireplace. Most any recipe can be cooked up using the pizza oven, gas burners, grill, smoker, or rotisserie. Stainless-steel cabinets and stone countertops enhance the kitchen's purpose and good looks. 

All in One

Grill? Check. Running water? Check. Refrigerator? Check. Prep and serving areas? Check. Outdoors? You better believe it. This compact poolside kitchen handily satisfies a family's every cooking need. Kitchen layouts with the appliances along a home's exterior wall allows for easier access to utilities. 

Masterful Blend

In this welcoming dream outdoor kitchen, a built-in grill stands ready to tackle all sorts of roasting and grilling tasks. Level stone surfaces on either side of the grill accommodate chopping boards, cooking tools, and foods waiting their turn on the grill. Cushioned benches allow the host and hostess to kick back with their guests within arm's reach of the grilling station. 

Old-World Style

Interior style steps outside to beautify an already lovely kitchen centered on a fireplace-like niche housing a multiburner grill and the grill's venting system. A carved-stone mantel, a shapely chimney, a stone-tiled backsplash, and antiqued cabinet finishes showcase the homeowners' love of period patinas, highlight their porcelain and stoneware collections, and complement furnishings with the look of European antiques. 

Well Covered

The most successful dream kitchens boast properly placed task lighting and protection from the elements. Protected by a roof and curtains that can be drawn to block too-bright sunlight and gusty breezes, this kitchen serves the homeowners through every season. Recessed lights and pendant fixtures illuminate kitchen surfaces, including a pass-through countertop employed to serve cocktails and fresh-off-the-grill fare.

Set in Stone

Stacked stone repeating as columns, a center island, and a weighty hearth wall link this alfresco kitchen to the home's stone exterior. Like those found in indoor kitchen styles, the island operates as the workspace's hub. It's where food is prepped and served and where guests rest both drinks and elbows. Lattice windows framing the hearth let in sunbeams and breezes to enhance morn-to-night alfresco experiences. 

Hospitable Haven

Luxury kitchen ideas are all about entertaining. Here, a wraparound breakfast bar invites you to take a seat, chat with the cook, and comfortably enjoy the fruits of the chef's labors. Stucco finishes, a rustic beamed ceiling, an iron chandelier, stone floors and countertops, and warm wood cabinet finishes reflect the home's Tuscan leanings. The stainless-steel grill and two-burner cooktop and wall-mounted heaters add contemporary convenience to the elegantly appointed kitchen. 

Eat-In Outdoor Kitchen

Surrounded by gardens and defined by stone columns, a fireplace wall, and a pergola roof, this outlying patio looks and performs like a self-contained kitchen. Food goes from grill to tabletop in a jiffy. Cabinets store staples, cooking gear, and tableware where they're needed. Flames blazing in the fireplace keep family and friends entertained long after darkness falls.  

Great Outdoors Great Room

Finely furnished with an expansive table, cushy seating, and a massive fireplace, this dream outdoor kitchen handles everyday meals, toasting marshmallows, and hosting large gatherings. The refrigerator tucks beneath a stone countertop that supplies display and buffet space; lower walls, which provide extra seats, frame the built-in grill. 

Wide Appeal

A pizza oven, a large grill, a cooktop, and a refrigerator bring modern forms, function, and versatility to a decidedly old-world courtyard kitchen. Countertops provide ample display space and holding areas for cooking essentials. A handsome table and colorfully cushioned chairs carry furnished-room comforts outside.

Urban Kitchen

Beautiful kitchens often come with a beautiful view. This sky-high outdoor kitchen takes in sweeping vistas and gives city dwellers everything they need to cook, eat, and entertain on their rooftop deck. Adding a run of stainless-steel base cabinets complete with a sink next to the grill provided extra storage, a generous prep and serving surface, and access to water for cleaning, cooking, and cocktails.

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