Window-Lined Kitchens

Everyone loves a bright kitchen, but do more windows equal a storage shortage? Consider these smart design solutions.

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    A Serene Space

    In an enclosed kitchen, these dark cabinets and countertops might seem too heavy, but two window walls -- and well-placed recessed lighting -- brighten the mood. Trim panels disguise undercounter appliances, and modern metal pulls unify all the cabinetry.

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    Airy Alcove

    This cottage-style casement window admits garden views and breezes. Painted to complement the distressed pine cabinets, shelves on the adjacent wall make china and glassware easy to reach.

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    Natural Setting

    The prominent grain of these base cabinets forms a connection with the views of this home's forested property. Crisp white paint links the island and barstool to the door and window moldings.

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    Smooth Sailing

    Inspired by the Intracoastal Waterway just outside, this ship-sleek kitchen allots an entire wall to floor-to-ceiling windows. One side of the 14-foot-long island houses a sink flanked by dishwasher drawers, plus plenty of door and drawer storage. The other side includes two wine coolers.

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    Home Comforts

    It's obvious this window-lined kitchen is a gathering spot. Guests can relax at the island or the nearby table; either is great for sunny socializing or perusing cookbooks. Plants and collectibles convey warmth and personality.

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    I'll Do the Dishes!

    Casement windows and French doors make this sink wall an inviting work space between indoor and outdoor entertaining spaces. Off-white paint, pale carrara marble, and gray floor stain lighten the surfaces.

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    By the Bay

    This kitchen's broad bay features two banks of windows that express Colonial architecture yet welcome plenty of natural light. An island echoes the bay's angled shape. Facing the work core, it includes a prep sink, recycling center, and two refrigerator drawers. Facing out, the island holds supplies for the dining area.

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    Shelf Expression

    In this tight space, awning-style windows open for ventilation at the bottom, so thin floating shelves could be installed above to showcase vintage pottery and glassware.

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    Island Escape

    One section of this L-shape island contains a microwave drawer, storage for cookware, and a dishwasher. Standing at the corner sink, Mom or Dad can enjoy the view outside or serve kids seated to the right.

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    Coffee Corner

    Thanks to three walls of windows, this kitchen is full of bright light and bright ideas. On a small stretch of solid wall, a breakfast center gathers cereal canisters, a toaster, an espresso maker, and refrigerator drawers.

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    Simplicity Itself

    In this calming workspace, the marble-topped island is used for making candy and pastries. Opposite the range, a bank of floor-to-ceiling cabinets (not shown) -- 11 feet long but just 18 inches deep -- provides the primary storage.

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    Rise and Shine

    Placed just outside the main work triangle, this baking center has been designed to look antique. Drawers below the maple top hold pans and dry goods. Large windows deliver lots of light to mix and roll by.

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    Charm and Convenience

    During a whole-house remodel to let in more light, this kitchen gained windows with a southern exposure ideal for growing herbs. Beneath the unadorned windows, two sinks serve a family of cooks.

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    Vintage Viewpoint

    There is a way to add storage and function to a historic home's kitchen while keeping the treasured windows: Build an island or peninsula a few feet in. Café curtains set the color scheme without blocking light.

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    In Tune with Nature

    Even with the new dishwasher drawers, this room's design is timeless. Through multipane windows, rays of sunlight touch the island and countertop display shelves, both painted soft green.

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    According to Plan

    Clean lines and simple shapes characterize this kitchen's modernist architecture. Its swath of metal-framed windows suits the stainless-steel appliances and grid-back chairs.

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    Traditional Touches

    Elegant pinch-pleat curtains dress this trio of double-hung windows. The fabric adds the option of privacy and complements a classic marble backsplash, countertop, and apron-front sink.

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    Rustic Meets Modern

    To visually streamline this window-packed kitchen, base cabinets were painted barn red, and wall cabinets were replaced by simple shelves on brackets. Over the island, an old sled creates whimsical cookware storage.

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    Fresh Daily

    Natural light floods this all-white kitchen, giving it a bright, open look with views of the pool area. It always feels like a vacation in this casual kitchen.

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    Slanted Solution

    In a holiday getaway, in-law suite, or attic apartment, quirky rooflines make kitchen planning even harder. To the rescue here: two skylights and clever between-the-rafters dish storage and display.

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    Top It Off

    A generous bank of casement windows gains extra impact from clerestory windows above. Natural sunlight makes a collection of glass decanters sparkle on the high shelf.

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