Kitchen Window Ideas

Window options for light and views in your kitchen.

Deep Windowsill

By including a deep sill on this bank of windows, the homeowners get valuable green space. Pots of herbs and flowers thrive in the sunlit spot. The plants soften the strong lines of the stone countertops.

Window Backsplash

In place of a traditional tile backsplash, two horizontal windows that open awning-style allow natural light and soothing breezes to flow in. Here, too, there's room for plants, further blending indoor and outdoor spaces.

Awning-Style Windows

A horizontal band of awning-style windows runs the length of the counter. Placed high on the wall, the windows add a sense of height to this kitchen and allow additional storage at countertop height.

Wall of Windows

Windows aren't just for exterior walls. A three-by-three grid of rectangular windows on this interior wall floods the space with light and offers views into the adjoining sunroom. The arrangement creates the illusion of opening directly to the outdoors.

Wall-to-Wall Windows

Windows line almost the full length of two walls, bringing light deep into this large kitchen -- even extending behind the commercial-style stove. The effect is a grand design statement in a large and elegant kitchen.

Bank of Windows

This bank of windows is capped with a matching set of transom windows. Installing semi-opaque shades allows the homeowner to soften harsh sunlight or add a bit of privacy.

Light and Bright Kitchen

By installing the sink in the island and tucking the dining space into the bump-out, both cook and diners get to enjoy the light and views provided by the plethora of windows. It's a recipe for conviviality.

Square Windows

When the view is worthwhile, it's essential to have plenty of windows. This house backs to an area abundant in wildlife. Deer and wild turkeys often enter the yard, so a wall of windows to take in the action was a must.

Transom Windows

Take advantage of tall ceilings with transom windows and interesting details. Here, a deep sill is repeated with a narrow shelf hung between the casement windows and transom windows. The collection of glass bottles on the shelf accentuates the sunlight shining in.

Sunny Dining Area

Putting a table and chairs next to a bank of windows is a surefire way to make meals more enjoyable. The light streams over the table, ensuring it will reach all the way to the working areas of the kitchen.


Skylights multiply the benefits of windows. This arrangement creates a sunroom feel without having to add on to a house.

Clean-Up Detail

Sinks used to be installed by windows to make hours spent hand-washing dishes less dreary. Even with automatic dishwashers in most homes, the tradition continues. The arrangement makes cleaning and prep work more enjoyable.

Stylish Windows

Kitchen additions provide an opportunity for creativity, but they are the most successful when the home's character carries into the new space. These new divided-light windows match the style and charm of the 200-year-old main house.

Contemporary Kitchen Windows

The striking contemporary style of this kitchen called for windows with the same boldness. Large panes and sleek trim make these windows a perfect choice. Even the backsplash window is a single square pane that makes a modern statement.

Backlit Window

The long backsplash window backlights a "field" of bear grass. The grass's natural pattern adds a flowing point of interest to the otherwise blank pane of glass, and reflects the sway in the pattern of the backsplash tile.

Arched Windows

The low-high-low profile of this kitchen window fits neatly into the arch above it, adding a dimension of interest. This choice also reflects the series of arched windows in the dining room. Using different but complementary window styles in each room helps define the connected spaces.

Formal Kitchen Window

The deep, richly colored brick tiles on the wall of this traditional kitchen require plenty of natural light to keep the room bright during the day. The solution: arched windows adorned with London shades beside the range.

Airy Backsplash

Take the opportunity to think big when remodeling. In this kitchen, a 12-foot-wide window on the exterior wall of the newly combined space replaced smaller openings in the previously separate rooms. The new, clear backsplash for the sink lights the room and makes a major style statement.

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