Galley Kitchen Designs

Discover gorgeous galley kitchens that use careful planning to maximize a narrow space.

Sunny Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens have a simple two-wall design, ensuring fewer footsteps for the cooks who use them. These compact kitchens are efficient -- and can be just as stylish as larger spaces.

This galley kitchen offers adequate counter space for food preparation to the left of the range and near the sink. Simple lines in the cabinetry keep the small room from feeling visually cluttered. Stainless-steel appliances offer a luxurious look, while the yellow and white color scheme brightens the small room.

Eat-in Galley Kitchen

A long run of base cabinets provides ample storage while preserving wall space for a bank of windows. The single upper cabinet features a door style that mimics the window design, giving the small space a stylish repeating element.

At the far end of the galley, a built-in banquette with a narrow cantilevered tabletop offers a welcoming location for casual meals or catching up with the news over morning coffee.

Red Galley Kitchen

This colorful galley kitchen is divided into two areas -- one for cooking and one for cleanup. The left wall holds a deep apron-front sink and dishwasher. Dish storage is strategically located on this wall, making it a breeze to put everything away. The opposite side houses the range and microwave and is open to a window-lined wall, which floods the kitchen with natural light. Vibrant red base cabinetry is balanced by white upper cabinets and marble-tiled walls. Placing the lighter-color cabinetry higher on the wall makes the narrow room feel more spacious.

Cottage Galley

This white galley kitchen has a pretty, country look. Classic white cabinets reflect light from the windows, making the room feel bigger. A raised ceiling adds visual volume and prevents the space from feeling cramped. A small wicker dining set contributes to the casual ambience.

Transform your kitchen with only $500.

A Galley Kitchen Makeover

See how this cute kitchen gets a fabulous makeover for just $500!

Compact Craftsman

This compact galley-plus-island layout fosters efficiency and opens to adjacent gathering spaces. The mix of cabinets, counters, and tiles bridges the style gap between a 1920s Craftsman bungalow and the modern family room.

Colorful Kitchen

Energize a small galley kitchen with color. Painting the interiors of these white, glass-front cabinets gives them a bold new look. Vintage-style glass pulls add bursts of the same turquoise to the cabinetry's exterior. An inexpensive laminate countertop completes the colorful refresh in this simple galley kitchen.

Smooth, Efficient Galley

This galley work core is compact and efficient, with just a few steps between the sink and appliances. The kitchen opens to a sitting/entertainment room, with a curvaceous island/table connecting the two spaces. Gentle curves complement the smooth profiles of flat-panel cabinetry and glossy granite countertops in a space purposefully lacking rigid lines.

Galley Kitchen With Doors (View 1)

Galley kitchens are common in older homes, where the kitchen was a small separate room. Today, there is still a benefit to being able to close off the kitchen from the rest of the house. These stylish sliding doors, reminiscent of old barn doors, muffle sounds and mask clutter when closed. But the glass panels in the door allow light to penetrate the small room.

Galley Kitchen With Doors (View 2)

Light wood tones and a neutral wall color contrast with dark floors and countertops to give this small galley kitchen a warm contemporary look. Open shelving above the sink prevents the room from feeling boxed in. Stainless-steel appliances add to the luxurious air.

Galley Kitchen With Doors (View 3)

Galley kitchens often require ingenious solutions to space challenges. To save space for a large stainless-steel undermount sink, these homeowners opted for a wall-mount faucet that swings out over the sink. A small filtered water faucet sits to the side of the sink. Above, stainless-steel open shelves house dishware close to the dishwasher, making it easy to unload the appliance.

Budget-Savvy Galley Kitchen (View 1)

In this budget-friendly kitchen remodel, the cooktop remained in the same place, but the homeowners added a long, open shelf above most of one galley wall to display collectibles. They used floor tiles to cover both the vent and the countertops, a durable and economic solution. On the lower cabinets, washable linen curtains are an inexpensive alternative to doors.

Budget-Savvy Galley Kitchen (View 2)

With new paint, chrome handles, and maple trim, the formerly white cabinets deliver a more contemporary look -- and were updated for less than $500. New windows showcase views of a wooded yard and were less expensive than buying new wall cabinets. Simple pine shelves, stained a dark tone, provide necessary storage.

Do-It-Yourself Galley Kitchen

Reworked cabinetry and a homey mix of materials enliven this galley kitchen, which was almost completely remodeled by the homeowners. To update the cabinets with a fresh country look, they routed the doors and added the folksy crossbars. Upper cabinets were stained to match the exposed joists in the ceiling. Base cabinets wear a muted green paint. New weathered-bronze hardware carries out the nostalgic look.

Single-Cook Kitchen

Small kitchens, such as 8x10 feet one designed for a single cook, can still be highly functional. This space's open-ended design and location between the dining room and back porch make it highly functional for large gatherings. The wood floors help tie the kitchen to the large dining room and keep the space from feeling boxy. The black honed-granite countertops are flexible surfaces perfect for working or serving food in galley kitchens.

Checkerboard Floor Pattern

A classic checkerboard tile design -- updated by a green-and-white color scheme -- adds dimension to the floor and can make small kitchens seem larger. Galley kitchens can get big style upgrades through attention to detail. Here, glass-front doors and glass knobs combine with white cabinets for a vintage look. Note how the counter opposite the sink is kept open for maximum use.

Dark, Elegant Cabinets

This tiny kitchen was carved out of a single large room in a converted carriage house. Careful arrangement of appliances makes working in small kitchens easy. This space doesn't feel crowded, because everything is within one or two steps of the sink and range. To add some class to galley kitchens, use beautiful dark finishes and hardware for the kitchen cabinets and double-curve edges for the stone countertops, like this homeowner did.

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