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Pictures of your favorite kitchen floor plans from the January/February issue of Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine.

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    More to Love

    The furniture-style island provides display space and connects this kitchen with the natural tones found throughout the lakefront home.

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    Island Classic

    White cabinetry with dark countertops and frosted glass shades with iron rod accents complete this kitchen's high-contrast color scheme.

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    For Work & Play

    Painted wood beams make this kitchen with a 10-foot-high ceiling feel cozy, and detailed woodwork throughout the room conveys a timeless quality.

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    Centennial Recipe

    A local stainless-steel manufacturer made the ladder and rails that provide access to upper cabinetry, where rarely used items are stored.

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    Updated & Elevated

    The elevated seating area in this kitchen keeps the work space hidden -- and can serve as a buffet. Shelves at either end hold cookbooks and collectibles.

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    Cabin to Contemporary

    Reworking this kitchen within its existing footprint allowed the homeowners to spend the majority of their remodeling dollars on new surfaces, cabinetry, and professional-grade appliances.

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    Rhapsody in Blue

    Rustic planks on the back of this island camouflage two cabinet doors, which provide access to seldom-used kitchen gear.

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    Inviting Retreat

    This friendly kitchen blends formal and casual elements. A toffee glaze finish softens detailed cabinetry, and a table-style island serves as a gathering spot.

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    Having It All

    This appliance-packed kitchen functions like a much bigger space -- and doesn't feel cramped.

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    Softening Stone

    Dual vanities -- a feature original to this bath -- flank the French doors. Defined by crisp paneling and gold-color hardware, the units provide ample storage.

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    Harmonic Convergence

    Maple countertops cap a golden pear-wood apron on this vanity, and horizontally grained English sycamore hides the sink plumbing. Dual-tone pao ferro -- also known as Brazilian rosewood -- lends distinction to a stacked-drawer divider that separates the sinks.

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    Personal Paradise

    This bath was designed with a series of rectangles, from the sink shape to the wall tiles to the frosted-glass panel in the pocket door.

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    California Zen

    Identical doors on either side make the soaking tub this room's focal point, and a weathered beam acts as a visual bridge between the enclosures.

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    Perfect Fit

    With only 100 square feet, these homeowners thought they couldn't have all the amenities of a luxurious bath. But bath designer Marina Phillips knew it was possible -- with a well-planned layout.

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