35+ Home Coffee Bar Ideas for the Ultimate Café Experience

An at-home drink station is a must-have for the coffee connoisseur. Create your own coffee bar with these stylish and functional ideas.

open shelf coffee station

Carson Downing

Perk up your morning routine by building a coffee bar in your kitchen. These clever beverage hubs hold all the fixings for your favorite cup of joe in one convenient spot. If you're short on counter space, don't worry—you can create a coffee bar just about anywhere. Gather all the essentials, such as your coffee machine, ground coffee, sugar, flavored syrup, and to-go mugs, and find a central location to corral them. This can be a floating shelf, movable tray, or a spot hidden away behind a cabinet door.

We're sharing our best at-home coffee bar ideas to help make the process of mixing up your morning latte a bit easier. Take inspiration from these stylish (and functional!) coffee bar stations and create your own at-home java spot.

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DIY Coffee Bar Table

diy home coffee station with table and hanging mug rack
Jason Donnelly

Set up a DIY coffee station table anywhere with a basic console table supplemented with extra storage. Mount a hanging mug rack above to hold a collection of coffee cups and scoops. Use the table's drawers, open cubbies, or shelves to hold dish towels and baskets stocked with supplies. Arrange a tray with stir sticks, cream, sugar, and other mix-ins next to the coffee maker for easy access.

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Five-Star Coffee Bar

luxury hotel fancy coffee station

Werner Straube

Gift yourself the feeling of a luxury hotel experience with a fancy at-home coffee station. Use gold hardware and accessories to give the space a touch of glam. The gold cabinet handles and shelf brackets complement the gilt-trimmed mugs, sugar bowl, tray, and accented French press coffee machine. Add a pretty table lamp and bouquet of fresh flowers for the ultimate indulgent morning routine. 

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Coffee Bar in Kitchen

industrial style hanging shelves for coffee station
Brie Williams

This home coffee station doubles as a wet bar that accommodates the homeowners' brewing and blending needs from dawn to well past dusk. Conveniently located next to a prep sink and below hanging shelves, this coffee station in the kitchen contains fixings for both morning and evening beverages. The setup includes a French press, stylishly arrayed gear and supplies, assorted coffee beans, specialty teas, glassware, and even bottles of beer.

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Clear Coffee Containers

coffee bar inside kitchen cabinet

Edmund Barr

An at-home java station can hold more than just coffee. Fill a shelf with a matching set of clear jars and fill them with tea bags, cocoa mix, coffee beans, and coffee grounds so all kinds of beverages are easy to grab on a busy morning. Add a second shelf of matching mugs for a cohesive aesthetic.

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Simple Coffee Setup

gray kitchen coffee station

Jason Donnelly

Mornings are busy enough, so there’s no reason to make any more of a fuss when it comes to making your coffee first thing in the day. Keep things uncomplicated with a clean coffee station. Place your favorite maker on a small open counter space, stack a few mugs, and add a caddy. Inside, add a bag of grinds, a jar of spoons, and a container of sugar. A vase of flowers and vintage coffee themed hanging sign on the wall add a sweet yet simple touch.

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Farmhouse Coffee Station

coffee station with rustic barnwood and mirror
Brie Williams

Turn a blank wall in your kitchen or dining room into a simple home coffee station, such as this reclaimed design by LZ Cathcart. Place a cabinet against the wall to serve as a prep station. Store mugs, extra dishware, and other coffee and tea essentials inside the cabinet, then place your coffee maker and any beverage accoutrements you like on top. If you have guests, set out breakfast items and juice so your guests can help themselves.

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Open Shelving Coffee Bar

open shelf coffee station

Carson Downing

You don't have to forgo a coffee bar if you're short on counterspace. Create more vertical storage by installing floating shelves. Since they’re out in the open, be sure to style these kitchen shelves neatly while also keeping supplies within close reach. Air-tight jars keep coffee and tea bags fresh, while a mug rack displays your favorite coffee cups.

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Modern Coffee Bar

coffee bar in cabinet

Ellie Lillstrom

Streamline your morning coffee experience with a modern coffee setup. If you have the cabinet space, create a hidden coffee bar next to the refrigerator for easy access to milk or creamer. If you're working with open shelves, stick to a neutral color scheme for mugs, containers, and even the coffee machine.

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Hidden Coffee Bar

coffee station in gray kitchen

Emily Followill

A hidden drink station is ideal for those who like the convenience factor but prefer an uncluttered kitchen. Use a large kitchen cabinet (preferably one with access to an outlet) to conceal the coffee or espresso machine. Nearby, include beans in an airtight canister and neatly line coffee cups on a close shelf.

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Pantry Coffee Bar

home coffee station inside pantry
Julie Soefer

Set up a coffee station inside your pantry to keep beverage service outside the flow of kitchen traffic. Place your coffee maker of choice on a low shelf or countertop, making sure coffee beans, mugs, and other necessities are easily within reach. Take advantage of behind-the-door storage to free up more shelf space inside the pantry for coffee-making ingredients.

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Butler's Pantry Coffee Station

Modern style kitchen with espresso stain cabinetry
Kimberly Gavin

Designed for hot-beverage lovers, this butler's pantry-style coffee station is conveniently located near the dining area. The pantry boasts generous storage and serving space, plus houses a microwave. A pair of doors open wide when it's time to prepare a cup of espresso, brew tea, or percolate a pot of joe. And the doors close to conceal the coffee station during the rest of the day.

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Mobile Coffee Bar

mobile coffee station

Michael Garland

If you like the idea of a coffee bar in the kitchen but don’t have the space for it, consider a mobile version. Make your coffee station movable by corralling everything onto a tray. Keep it minimalistic by adding a handful of matching mugs, saucers, and cream and sugar set. A French press coffee maker and tin of your favorite grinds are all you need to serve yourself—or guests—a warm cup of coffee. When it comes time to clean the countertops or make room for meal prepping, you can simply lift the tray and move it out of the way.

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DIY Drink Station

coffee mugs and cups hanging in DIY drink station

Let houseguests help themselves to their coffee of choice with a self-serve station. Include a wall of hanging mugs or glasses so they can enjoy hot or iced coffee along with options for regular and decaf brew in labeled containers. If you're hosting non-coffee drinkers, add options for hot tea or cocoa instead.

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Built-In Coffee Station

white cabinets with coffee station
John Bessler

On this coffee station, one door drops down to serve as a tray, while another pops up to supply access to the microwave. The coffee-machine niche is large enough to stow several stacks of cups. The drawers below hold coffee, filters, and other hot-beverage and breakfast supplies.

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Coffee and Breakfast Bar

coffee station in kitchen with light green cabinets

James Yochum

Make mornings easier by designing a one-stop-shop for your breakfast and coffee. Set up a coffee maker and toaster together in a corner of the kitchen so you can brew a cup while simultaneously toasting an English muffin or bagel. If you’re able to, place them underneath a microwave so you can warm up oatmeal or heat water for tea at the same time.

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Coffee Bar Cabinet

white cabinets with coffee station on shelf
Werner Straube

This cabinet configuration maximizes a narrow wall near a cushy banquette. In addition to the main coffee-station cabinet, the unit supplies storage for wine glasses and vases, as well as drawers for additional coffee supplies and table linens. Next to the coffee maker, a wire basket holds coffee grounds, filters, and scoops at-the-ready.

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Designated Coffee Station in Kitchen

dark wood espresso station
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Situating a coffee station in the kitchen but outside of the work core allows family members and guests to serve themselves without getting in the way of the chef. This coffee station is located around the corner from the main cooking space. The storage-rich cabinet's dark finish further separates the designated beverage area from the mostly white kitchen.

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Countertop Coffee Station

Espresso wood cabinetry with white marble countertop
Werner Straube

Cups and bowls purposefully align on cubbylike shelves within reach of this kitchen's coffee station. A roomy countertop provides generous surface area for readying a cup of coffee, pouring cereal, buttering toast, and plating up food. A built-in microwave and toaster complete the breakfast setup.

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Hideaway Hot Coffee Station

hideaway coffee station

Werner Straube

A built-in coffee machine is a countertop space saver, but you can also maximize cabinet space by using a bottom pull out drawer to store coffee supplies. Line up mugs, bowls of single serve pods, and boxes of tea so everything is visible and easy to reach. Include coffee stirrers or a mug filled with small spoons for a quick stir of cream or sugar.

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Coffee Station Near Prep Sink

Kitchen with white painted cabinetry
Richard Leo Johnson

Kitchen cabinetry designed to look like a hutch does more than just stow and display kitchen items. Thanks to its distinctive design, the lower brackets create two sink-side alcoves for housing a coffeemaker and coffee-related gear. Placing the coffee station near a prep sink makes it easy to fill and clean the pot and wipe away coffee spills.

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Stylish Kitchen Coffee Bar

kitchen with espresso machine and coffee station
John Granen

Brightened by sunbeams that stream through a nearby window, this coffee station in the kitchen instantly attracts the attention of coffee lovers. Although the coffee station sits back in a recessed niche from the main kitchen area, the coffee station advances into view thanks to a sparkling espresso machine and simple open shelves stocked with shapely white coffee cups. The drawers below provide out-of-sight storage for other supplies.

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At-Home Coffee Shop

farmhouse coffee station

Kimberly Gavin

If you do have space to work with, recreate the experience of a small town cafe. A floor to ceiling built-in bookshelf is the ideal way to display a sizable collection of coffee cups. Keep like mugs grouped together so shelves look neat. Rather than overloading the bookcase, hang extra mugs on a nearby wall. It might be worth it to splurge on a high end coffee maker or espresso machine so you can create coffee shop-worthy drinks at home.

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Pull-Out Coffee Bar

white kitchen with coffee station shelf
James Yochum

A built-in espresso maker is the centerpiece of this home coffee station. Below, a convenient inset tray pulls out from the base cabinet to accommodate the sugar, cream, cups, and silverware. The microwave above stands ready to warm milk, cook oatmeal, or heat pastries, making this coffee bar the go-to spot at breakfast time.

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Hidden Coffee Station

Appliance garage in modern style kitchen
Emily Minton-Redfield

A cleverly designed small appliance garage, with a lift-up door and a pull-out tray, keeps this home coffee station out of view when not in use. Specialty vertical swing hinges keep the cabinet door raised and out of the way of breakfast operations that revolve around the toaster and coffeemaker. Rounding out the kitchen's cooking area, the convenient coffee station allows the chef to scramble eggs, toast bagels, and brew a pot of coffee without taking more than a few steps.

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Coffee Bar Nook

mirrored glass coffee nook

Werner Straube

A mirrored glass built-in makes a gorgeous place for a beverage station. Whether it’s in the dining room or living area, it’s both pretty and functional. In addition to the coffee maker, include a large glass jar and scoop for the grinds and beans. The shelf closest to eye level should include a set of matching mugs along with a sugar bowl, creamer pitcher, and teapot. If you have open space on higher shelves, consider using them for excess wine or champagne glasses, turning the nook into a combination coffee and bar area.

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Home Coffee Bar Ideas

Grey painted cabinetry with stainless steel refrigerator
Werner Straube

A kitchen's main work triangle consists of the cooktop, sink, and refrigerator. Coffee stations become a fourth point of utility and interest in an efficiently designed kitchen. They perform best when partnered with one of the triangle's main components, as demonstrated by this coffee station built into the cabinetry next to the fridge.

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Drink Drawer

drink drawer with coffee and tea supplies

Jacob Fox

Tiny items like single-serve pods or tea strainers will stay organized when placed in drawer dividers. Keep pods, packets of sugar, stirrers, and tea bags tidy in the varied compartments. This not only helps to keep things sorted, it also allows you to clearly see when it’s time to replenish supplies.

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Coffee Station with Overhead Storage

white cabinets with built in stainless steel coffee maker
James Yochum

An open cabinet above this built-in espresso machine holds all the supplies for a warm beverage, including cups, saucers, spoons, and sweeteners. The coffee station is conveniently located near the refrigerator for easy access to milk and cream. Lower cabinets provide storage for extra coffee grounds and other morning must-haves.

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Coffee Maker Garage

Espresso machine in appliance garage
Alise O'Brien

This handy appliance garage provides a stylish recess for an espresso machine. Setting the machine beneath the upper cabinets ensures there's ample counter space in front for laying out fixings and prepping coffee-filled cups. The doors swing out, slide into the cabinet, and stay tucked out of the way when the espresso machine is in use. When the doors are shut, they hide the appliance and free up the counter for other tasks.

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Hot and Cold Beverage Station

Dark wood cabinetry with light countertops with traditional style
Emily Minton-Redfield

Pretty trays hold supplies to frame this coffee machine and fashion an expansive beverage station that fills an underused kitchen corner. Cups, coffee grounds, sugar, and other necessities are easily within reach. The coffee station also services cold beverages thanks to built-in wine racks and an undercounter fridge that chills beer, pop, and cocktail garnishes.

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Kitchen Coffee Bar

white cabinets with built in coffee machine
Werner Straube

When not in use, this coffee station (complete with microwave) sits quietly behind closed doors. Located between the center of the kitchen and the dining area, this coffee station is easily accessible to everyone. A shallow countertop in front is deep enough to hold a cup or two, while neighboring countertops stow extra mugs. The undercounter wine fridge completes this in-kitchen beverage station.

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Modern Home Coffee Station

gray cabinets with built in coffee machine
Gordon Beall

Sleek, efficient, and ready-to-serve, a built-in coffeemaker reflects the same contemporary spirit as adjacent lacquer cabinets. Setting a coffee-making operation above or below a microwave optimizes a kitchen's vertical space and improves its overall function. Closed cabinets provide discreet storage for coffee-making supplies.

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Convenient Coffee Bar in Kitchen

coffee station with lift up appliance garage door
Greg Scheidemann

Bridging the gap between fridge and oven, this cabinet puts the coffee station right in the center of cooling and warming stations. A cabinet door slides upward to uncover coffee supplies and cups. The sliding design helps it stay neatly out of the way of those brewing a pot or pouring a cup of coffee.

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Built-In Coffee Station Hutch

white hutch with coffee station
John Granen

A built-in hutch with open counter space makes a fitting area for a coffee station in the kitchen. Ample cabinetry holds glassware and cups. A built-in coffeemaker and a freestanding espresso machine team up so a refill is always close at hand.

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Countertop Coffee Station

marble shelving with coffee station
Mark Lohman

A small stretch of countertop below a built-in coffee maker is home to all the fixings to personalize a perfect cup of coffee. This arrangement allows space to set your cup down while you add cream and sugar. Even if you don't have a built-in coffee machine, you can make the most of a small space with a French press and a few coffee accessories to create a small coffee station.

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Colorful Coffee Station

blue cabinets with coffee station shelf
Janet Mesic-Mackie

Colorful cabinets set off this coffee station in the kitchen. The wide counter space holds a grinder and an espresso machine while leaving space for serving brunch. For easy access, store cups and breakfast bowls on an open shelf directly above.

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