Beautiful Built-In Range Areas

Beautiful recessed range niches are a hallmark of old world style. Check out these kitchens for ideas on how to give your range area an elegant treatment.

Country Chic

This elegant kitchen embraces the style of the French countryside -- stone mixed with warm wood. These homeowners mounted a pot rack on the wall, rather than over the island, to keep pots and pans close at hand. That also allowed them to hang a style-appropriate chandelier over the island.

Dramatic Arch

This wall is an ideal location for a recessed range. The arch acts a stylish overhang, creating a dramatic space for the range, vent hood, and base cabinetry. The Greek key design on the base of the hood is repeated on the pot rack.

Beauty in White

Furniturelike millwork surrounds the range to make it stand out in this monochromatic kitchen. A tile backsplash adds impact, and the stainless-steel ventilation hood blends quietly with the single-color effect.

Decorative Tile Designs

Decorative tile subtly draws attention to a range. The recessed portion -- distinguished by border tile -- mirrors the arc of the entire range area. Over-the-range cabinetry conceals the vent and task lighting while also providing storage.

Historic Framework

Sometimes an eye-catching arrangement just comes naturally. This kitchen in the home of an elegant English manor house features a European-made Aga cooker that fits perfectly into the original fireplace -- a fun way to retain a piece of the home's past.

Safe Bet

One thing is certain when it comes to ranges: Safety is a top priority. While this range area packs a plethora of storage into a great design, it's also safe. Ample space on either side of the cooktop allows the cook to safely grip and rotate pans with extended handles and provides landing space for hot cookware. The National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends allowing at least 12 inches of countertop on one side of the cooktop and 15 inches on the other.

Mix and Match

Vent hoods usually match either the range or the surrounding cabinetry -- but other options abound. This copper hood adds a new color and texture to the neutral kitchen. As a focal point, the range hood is a good place to introduce new colors or materials to a kitchen's palette.

Have It All

This setup gives the range area a stylish but practical nook. Cabinetry stores everything from pots and pans to utensils and table linens. Open shelving is prime space for cookbooks, spices, and cooking oils. And ample counter space makes food prep easy. A well-planned range area includes all these elements.

For the Big Range

When your home is a busy place, an extra large or industrial-size range may be your best bet. Don't let such a hardworking part of your kitchen go unnoticed; place it in a custom-designed niche. Here, tumbled marble tile spans the recessed wall and complements the island's pendant lighting, while the range area's cabinetry shares the same stained-wood treatment as the island.

An Open Plan

The typical range is surrounded by a hood and cabinetry, but this kitchen's designer took a different approach. Without vertical cabinets, the countertops are open. For subtle emphasis, the range hood blends in with the matching wall color and wood trim.

Cooktop Style

Resembling a hutch, this range surround is an example of true craftsmanship. In this design, an integrated cooktop leaves space underneath for open shelving that keeps cookbooks and cookware close at hand. The rich, detailed cabinetry with multiple finishes gives this space a gathered-over-time look.

Warm Cabinetry, Cool Steel

Don't be afraid to mix the traditional style of a range niche with the modern look of stainless steel. Instead of being hidden, this hood actually extends the length of the entire recessed niche. It serves as a visual bridge between the refrigerator and the freezer. The cool feel and clean lines of the metal contrast with the warm cabinetry while complementing the simple design.

Textural Details

Texture is a contemporary way to spice up kitchen decor. The stone outline of this range area adds a rough and natural counterpoint to the smooth surfaces of the island, cabinets, and countertops. While the stone gives emphasis to the range nook, the kitchen's earth tones harmonize with the natural elements to keep the space united.

Custom Ranges

Try customizing your range to your kitchen -- or your kitchen to your range! The focal point of this kitchen is its uncommon white range with gold knobs and trim. The recessed area's white backsplash tile accentuates the appliance by reflecting light. Built-in display cabinets frame the range nook and imitate its arched style.

Deluxe Alcove

This is truly a built-in range area: The range, hood, cabinetry, and shelving are entirely recessed into the wall. An arch smooths the transition and allows for a generous walkway in front of the range and connecting cabinetry.

A Place for Pizza

While this range is built into the cabinetry, it's the recessed wall behind the range that gets all the attention. Where a tile backsplash might normally cover the wall, this kitchen has a wood-burning pizza oven. This distinctive feature is a great option for entertaining or preparing home-baked feasts for the family.

Natural Elements

Brick shapes this range nook, complementing the kitchen's exposed rafters, wood island, wood flooring, and abundant natural light.

Bold Look

Checkered tile spans the backsplash, countertops, ventilation hood, and underside of the arch. This bold design energizes a range wall fronted by a neutral stucco facade. The pot-filler faucet, common in range niches, frees the cook from having to haul full pots from the sink to the range.

Art For Your Kitchen

This space boasts soft cottage colors and a limestone-encased range area. The backsplash is exceptionally detailed with multiple types of tile -- including three hand-painted scenic tiles -- blending to create the kitchen's own work of art. The vintage-style white range complements the cottage decor while blending with the creamy cabinetry to keep attention focused on the tiling.

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