Baking Center Ideas

Kitchens with designated baking centers control cleanup and let helpers join in the fun.

Island Baking Center

Putting a designated baking center at the end of an island makes plenty of room for helpers to gather around.

This baking center oozes character with its turned legs and detailed design. The marble top keeps dough cool while it is rolled out.

Island Baking and Storage Center

Ample storage at the baking center is great for keeping baking dishes right where you use them. Close proximity to the oven is helpful, too.

This baking center is an outgrowth of the island. The shelves hold cookbooks for handy reference.

Marble-Topped Baking Center

A large, cool slab of marble is a great surface for rolling out dough. It makes cutting out cookies a snap, and cleanup is simple.

The Better Homes and Gardens test kitchen houses a baking island with a marble top and storage below. Lower than a standard countertop, it's just the right height for rolling dough.

Island Baking Center

A lowered counter at the end of an island makes a great spot for cutting out cookies or mixing a cake. Storage in the island can hold baking utensils and dishes.

The kids -- or grandkids -- can pull up a stool for cookie-decorating fun at this baking center at the end of the island.

Butcher Block Baking Center

When marble won't work in your kitchen, other options are available for a great baking center.

This furniture-style baking center is topped with butcher block to maintain the warm, traditional kitchen style. The drawers hold baking utensils, and storage is available for baking dishes on the shelf. The large size makes it easy for people to join in.

Island Baking Center with Cutting Board

A baking center connected to the kitchen island adds interest to the space and keeps you close to the oven and sink.

This baking center includes a built-in cutting board -- so you can have your bread and cut it, too.

Modern Bar with Baking Counter

A baking center can be as simple as a well-placed surface for rolling out dough or assembling a pie.

This sleek kitchen has a cantilevered counter at just the right height for baking prep. The protruding design offers room for guests to gather around and help. The smooth surface ensures easy cleanup and seamless crusts.

Baking Corner

A corner of the kitchen devoted solely to baking keeps flour from scattering around the rest of the room.

Open cabinetry here keeps baking supplies right in front of you. The cool countertop is perfect for keeping dough chilled.

Island Corner Baking Center

You don't need a lot of space to create a specialized baking center.

This island corner is lowered and topped with marble to ease baking preparations. It's just large enough to accommodate a pie crust without sacrificing island storage.

Country-Style Baking Center

An easy way to designate a baking center in the kitchen and give it special attention is to finish the cabinetry differently from the rest of the room.

This large baking center has a fresh country look while offering abundant storage and work space. The extra room is great when there are helpers in the kitchen. The small sink is perfect for cleanup.

Island Baking Center

Blend a baking center into a formal kitchen by making it look like a piece of fine furniture.

Don't let this designer style fool you. This lowered counter offers ample space for a group to gather around and frost cookies or create a tasty birthday cake.

Butcher-Block Island Baking Center

A butcher block makes a great baking center, with a smooth surface to work on and plenty of storage for baking dishes and utensils.

This butcher-block-topped table matches the style of the kitchen, but it stands out because of its rich wood tones. Two or three people can comfortably gather around the baking center.

Open Storage Baking Center

Open storage ensures that your ingredients and baking supplies are easy to inventory. No more running out of flour in the middle of a cake.

This baking center nook has a pegboard wall for hanging utensils and baking pans. Open shelving on the side holds canisters of baking necessities. The ovens are conveniently located below the counter.

Farm Table Baking Center

A baking center doesn't have to be designed into the kitchen. A well-placed table at the right height is a great way to create your own baking space.

This rugged farm table is the right height for rolling out dough. The storage underneath can hold pans for baking, or these pretty baskets for bringing piping hot rolls to the dinner table. The size is great for helpers to gather around.

Marble-Topped Baking Center

A cool marble top on a small table makes the perfect spot to roll out dough for pie or cookies.

This baking center has a top that matches the marble on the island. The sturdy shelf can hold a large mixer and other baking supplies.

Hide-Away Baking Center

You can create a baking center without sacrificing counter space by adding a rolling cart that fits snuggly under your standard countertop.

This rolling cart with a butcher-block top has drawers for baking utensils and shelves to store baking dishes.

Baking Center Hutch

Beautiful hutch-style cabinetry can be modified to become a baking center.

This cabinet has storage large enough to hide a stand mixer when it's not in use. It has ample room for baking dishes and cookbooks. The smooth countertop surface makes cleanup easy.

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