Kitchen Islands with Seating

Whether it's a simple counter overhang or an elaborate island extension with multiple heights and surfaces, these interesting, architectural islands ideas will have you clamoring to dine in tonight.

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    Great for Gathering

    Gather around! Prep, serve, dine -- this kitchen island with counter stools has space to do it all. The common configuration is a winner for any design style.

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    Small Kitchen Seating

    Simply extending the island countertop and adding supports creates a slight overhang, where seating feels natural and at home, even in a small kitchen.

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    Dining Add-On

    A standard dining table and area rug set against the island give the illusion of one large furniture piece. Simply pull the table away and add more chairs for larger occasions.

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    Prep and Peninsula

    In a compact layout, it’s best to keep seating out of the kitchen’s work core. Barstools along the peninsula let friends and family gather yet stay clear of the action.

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    Add Lighting Over Your Island

    Check out the latest trends in lighting to try over your island.

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    In-Kitchen Dining

    In an uncommon but stunning setup, this formal dining table sits at the heart of the kitchen, making it easy for hosts to serve, clean up, and entertain.

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    Corner Casual

    Use a corner of an island to designate a place to plan meals, pay bills, or to simply enjoy a cup of coffee. Turned legs and beaded board give a furniture feel to the island.

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    Come Right In

    A pair of cushy stools tucked away makes for a comfortable place to enjoy a casual meal or hang with the cook during meal prep.

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    Cozy Island

    Kitchens with an adjacent dining room or great-room look their best when the decor makes a smooth transition. These upholstered chair-style seats at the kitchen island add softness, yet can move to other rooms when needed.

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    Raised Seating

    An elevated height designates this dining area, where barstools tuck entirely out of the way. The lower counter at the island’s other end is the right height for kitchen prep work.

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    Table + Island = Perfection

    Combine a bank of cabinetry with a farmhouse-inspired table design for a custom island with room to gather.

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    Roll Up

    Add casters for bonus function. When stationary, it’s a spot to talk to the chef or to stop and enjoy a cookbook. But, the wheels give it go power, allowing you to push it wherever you might need an extra work surface. Top the island with butcher block for a warm and functional material.

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    Stools with Style

    Simple brackets support an extension of the island’s surface for casual family meals. Stools in a vibrant color add a fun surprise to the decor.

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    Extended Seating

    A table extension off the island differentiates prep space (the island) and dining space (the table) for separate experiences in the same room.

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    Kitchens with the luxury of extra square footage sometimes feature two islands -- one hardworking space for kitchen prep and cleanup and a second for seating. This allows guests to be near the action without getting underfoot. 

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    Sleek Seats

    To keep a kitchen with clean lines and cool colors from going minimalist add a furniture-inspired island and modern, sleek seating for a happy style blend.

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    Nifty Nook

    Turn a nontraditional nook of space into counter seating for one -- perfect for prepping, planning, or enjoying the view.

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    On the Bench

    If you want to avoid a tangle of stools at your kitchen island, opt for upholstered bench seating. Available in a variety of sizes and fabric styles, bench seating adds softness to the kitchen island.

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    Tuck Under

    Leather stools provide a comfortable, low-profile perch at the kitchen island that's warm and easy to clean. The side panels of this island help corral stools and keep everything tidy.

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