Contrasting Kitchen Islands

Whether you have a lot of cabinetry or a little, an island in a contrasting color adds interest to any kitchen.

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    Chunky Wooden Kitchen Island

    A cherry-wood island contrasts the gray-green outer cabinets with ease. The traditional lines of the cabinetry is offset with modern stainless-steel appliances, minimalist stools, and stacked stone around the window.

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    Bold Kitchen Island

    A red-orange island makes a big impact in this white kitchen. Cool blue stools add a fun contrast to the bold island. Don't be afraid to create strong contrast between the island and its surroundings.

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    Kitchen with Clean Contrast

    The island and cabinets in this kitchen share a clean and simple style. The dark wood of the island pops against the creamy white backdrop.

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    Hardworking Green Island

    The cool green island offsets the warm tones on the handmade backsplash tiles. Open storage, a beverage fridge, and an additional sink help this island work hard and look great.

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    White-Washed Island

    This crisp white outer cabinets contrast with the warm-wood, white-washed island. The contrast is subtle, but it's just enough to anchor this airy kitchen.

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    Ocean-Blue Island

    This blue island is perfect for this beach kitchen. The rest of the room remains neutral so the bright ocean-blue island can take center stage. Lots of chrome and stainless steel add a modern industrial edge.

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    How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

    Give you kitchen cabinets a quick clean with these tips.

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    Blue and Brown Kitchen

    Texture rules this kitchen. The stained-wood island showcases knots and grain of the wood, adding warmth to the deep blue outer cabinets. A plank of matching wood above the range ties the room together.

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    Modern Kitchen Island

    Add instant warmth to a white kitchen with a wooden island. Here, wood tones team up with the warmth of exposted brick and a paneled wall for a custom look that contrasts with the sleek white cabinets, lighting and stools.

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    Industrial-Look Kitchen Island

    A stainless-steel chef's worktable is converted to a modern, industrial-look kitchen island. The lower shelf is perfect for keeping pots, pans and pantry items within easy reach.

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    Great Gray Island

    Tucked at the back of the house, bright color cabinets get a cool dose of gray in the island. In this small kitchen the oversized island provides tons of space for prep and casual dining.

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    Small Kitchen Island

    Even in a kitchen with a petite footprint, a bold backsplash doesn't overwhelm, it makes a statement. A simple table continues the high-contrast color palette and doubles as an island for prep and casual dining area for two.

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    Painted Kitchen Island

    Traditional cabinets stand out against the robin's egg blue island. The dark countertop material ties in the rest of the house's wood floor.

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    Country Combination

    The finish on the island is similar to the finish on the cabinetry, but is more natural, while the perimeter cabinets boast a glazed finish. The long run of open storage below creates the perfect place to store the cook's most used items.

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    Old-World Island

    This island stands out because of its contrasting color and intricate, old-world detailing. To offset the rest of the kitchen's creamy yellow finishes, the ends of this island feature an almost-black stain.

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    Timeless Traditional Island

    Turned legs, intricate diamond accents and a soft paint color brighten up the otherwise gray kitchen.

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    Dark-Wood Island

    Make your kitchen island stand out by choosing a wood tone that contrasts with that of your cabinetry. Then tie the room together with a range hood clad in the same wood.

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    Paneled Kitchen Island

    White-washed boards on the back of this island give the kitchen a cottage look. Here, the white island offers a clean and subtle departure from wood cabinets and paneled walls. The same paneling on the walls behind open shelves ties it all together.

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    Glossy Red Island

    A sleek kitchen with espresso cabinets is standard. These homeowners kicked it up a notch by adding a glossy red finish to the island - adding a pop of color and modern appeal.

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    Black and White Kitchen Island

    To keep this white kitchen from feeling too traditional, a painted black island adds depth and unexpected glamour. Slabs of marble on the exteior cabinets and the island tie the room together.

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    Bar-Height Contrasting Island

    Kids and guests can pull up a seat to this bar-height island and be part of the action. The green color contrasts the rich wood cabinetry in this traditional kitchen.

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