Kitchen Islands

Because of its usual location in the center of the kitchen, the island becomes a natural focal point. But it also needs to be hardworking and supply storage, counter space, and seating. These versatile kitchen island ideas can be modified to suit your needs. Learn how to pick the perfect kitchen island lightings, color scheme, cabinets, and design for your family's needs.

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An efficient way to exhaust smoke, grease, and odors from an island range or cooktop, a suspended hood can also be a sculptural focal point.
Declutter Your Kitchen with These Island Storage Ideas
Carve out space for utensils, baking essentials, pots and pans, cookbooks, appliances, and so much more with our collection of kitchen island storage ideas.

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Colorful Kitchen Islands
A kitchen island is comparable to a great piece of furniture. So why not give it a splash of color? These colorful kitchen islands are stunning work spaces for hardworking kitchens.