Painted Floor Ideas for the Kitchen

painted floor
Old flooring isn't doomed. Refresh it with a new coat of paint. These ideas—like diamond patterns, floral stencils, and deep colors—are guaranteed to breathe new life into a boring floor.

Dressy Diamonds

Jazz up an otherwise traditional kitchen by painting or staining the floor in a diamond pattern. If the original wood is in good condition, let its natural color provide half of the color scheme. In this kitchen, the choice of a blue-gray for the other half was guided by the color of the cabinets and the patchwork shades of the backsplash. The key to a distinctive diamond floor is crisp lines. Be sure to plan out your design before painting, and use lots of painters tape to guide your brushstrokes.

Sleek and Shiny

A shiny painted floor is guaranteed to turn heads. Plus, it unites a space that has mismatched wood finish. To get the look, use an oil-base enamel floor paint—this hue is Safety Red from Sherwin-Williams. Keep in mind that once the floor is painted, it will require a bit of upkeep—plan to repaint as soon as the floor starts to show wear.

Sweet Stencils

Instead of painting the entire floor, paint around a prominent place—like a kitchen table—to mimic an area rug. On this kitchen floor, the design was applied to white tile. A vintage iron grate served as a stencil. Use colors that complement the rest of the room, but also look for hues that will stand out on the floor. 

Farmhouse Chic

Painted hardwood dresses up a breakfast nook in this sweet farmhouse kitchen. When picking paint colors, look for a shade that complements your existing decor or furniture. This space's cheery blue can be found in the vintage linens and durable upholstery. When painting, don't aim for perfection. Rugged details—like uneven strokes or knots in the wood—only add to the rustic farmhouse look. 

Nice Stripes

In this small banquette kitchen, painted stripes on the floor make the space appear wider and larger. For a two-tone look, paint the lighter color first. Then mark off your stripes with pencil or chalk an equal width apart. Use the floorboards to guide the process. Then carefully apply painters tape to the guide lines. Finish the look by painting every other stripe with the darker color. Let dry before removing painters tape.  

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Island Surround

Rugs add visual interest to a kitchen, but sometimes they get in the way. Mimic the real deal with a stenciled floral pattern instead. This design defines the kitchen island and adds a layer of color and warmth to a heavily textured kitchen. When painting a stencil on hardwood, use a light hand to let the beauty and grain of the wood show through.

Nice and Neutral

Paint is a budget-friendly solution to a wood floor that has seen better days. A fresh coat can hide blemishes, even out colors, and give the whole room a new look. Try a light neutral to mimic the hardwood's natural color and let other hues in the room—like this kitchen's beautiful copper pots and blue accents—stand out. 

Go for Gray

For a warm, homey look, use gray to color your kitchen floor. Gray comes in a variety of shades, and it goes with so many other colors. This space uses a gray floor to let the colors of the blue-and-white-striped accent rug pop. 

Super Stars

A light stencil creates texture on this beautiful painted floor. The key to this look is spacing. Place stencil patterns equal distances apart, and make sure each stencil is lined up with the previous one before painting. For the light, almost translucent look, use a shade that's only a few hues lighter than the actual floor color. 

Check Mate

Nothing is as classic as a black-and-white checkerboard floor. If you're not feeling laminate tile, try painting the floor instead. Paint the floor a base white. Then use a square tile, piece of cardboard, or piece of paper to guide your diamond pattern. Start in the center, and trace around your guide until the entire room is covered with diamond-shape pencil markings. Lay painters tape over the guide lines, then start filling in squares with the darker paint color. For a glossy look, seal with a coat of polyurethane once paint is completely dry. 

Baby Blues

Painting a floor is a bold choice, but the color you use doesn't have to be. A light baby blue is the perfect balance of cool and calm. The color doesn't overwhelm the space, but it adds texture and character to the room. To keep the space from being boring, pair the floor color with a stronger accent—like this oxblood red. 


Curved lines add dimension and movement to this stunning painted floor. Get the look by painting the floor white. When dry, lay on curved pieces of painters tape until you get the desired look. Then paint the floor a darker color—in this case, gray. Let dry, then remove painters tape. A vibrant rug completes the look. 

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