Kitchen Flooring

Flooring is an especially noticeable characteristic in the often-used space of a kitchen. Think about the time you have for cleaning and maintaining your kitchen flooring. Know that high-maintenance flooring might look great, but it also requires pampering to stay that way. Finally, select kitchen flooring complementary to the cabinets, wall coverings, furniture, and other design elements in the room.

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Inexpensive Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Having the kitchen of your dreams doesn't mean breaking the bank. These cheap kitchen flooring ideas show how you can feature various types—including wood, bamboo, cork, and parquet—while saving money.

Fresh Ideas for Kitchen Floors

Discover quality and stylish kitchen flooring materials -- from ceramic tile to hardwood to stone -- plus stunning design ideas for your kitchen floors.

Painted Floor Ideas for the Kitchen

Old flooring isn't doomed. Refresh it with a new coat of paint. These ideas—like diamond patterns, floral stencils, and deep colors—are guaranteed to breathe new life into a boring floor.

Tile that Looks Like Wood

There's nothing quite like the warmth and elegance of hardwood floors, but woodlike tile sure comes close. Read our guide to these on-trend tiles before you buy.

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Cork Flooring for the Kitchen

Walking through a flooring store looking for the perfect material for your kitchen can be overwhelming. If you are looking for an eco-friendly option that is also attractive and soft underfoot, take a look at cork.

What's the Best Wood for Your Kitchen Floor?

Although wood is a simple, classic flooring material, today's choices of finishes and wood types can be overwhelming. Use our advice to select the best look for your kitchen.