Space-Savvy Breakfast Nook Banquettes

country-style breakfast nook with window seat

Banquettes are perfect for cramped dining spaces. Learn the ins and outs of these space-savvy seating solutions to find the style that's right for you.

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Room for More

breakfast nook

Stretched across every inch of spare wall, this U-shaped banquette maximizes both seating and table space. A long bench placed on the empty side of the table is painted white, allowing it to blend with the floor and the frame of the banquette. Storage drawers beneath the bench provide spots to stow away table linens, serving platters, and other dining odds and ends.

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Symmetrical Space


A pair of built-in benches and a narrow dining table create an elegant look in this small breakfast nook. Boldly patterned seat cushions add visual weight to the all-white space and adjoining kitchen. A dainty light fixture overhead boosts visibility after dark without overwhelming the tiny space.

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Sun-Drenched Breakfast Nook

blue stripe baquette

Banquette seating options make the most of underused spaces. This convenient breakfast nook takes advantage of a sunny kitchen corner and provides plenty of laid-back seating for meals and more. A simple rectangular table tucks neatly between a pair of built-in benches, easing movement in and out of the area.

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Multipurpose Banquette Seating

traditional banquette wth window seat

Tap the space beneath a window for a banquette to boost seating and style in your casual dining area. Outfitted with a cozy seat cushion and a collection of comfy throw pillows, this window seat provides comfortable seating for family meals, homework time, or even an after-dinner catnap.

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Modern Appeal

Spotlight on Color

A bay window provides a sunny backdrop for this storage-packed built-in banquette. Contemporary chairs pair nicely with a sleek, modern table and a whimsical light fixture. A playful mix of patterns and colors creates a youthful energy and an inviting atmosphere that's suited to casual entertaining.

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Coastal Calm

Beach Breakfast

Transform an ordinary window seat into a convenient banquette using nothing more than a table and a few chairs. This sun-drenched space offers the perfect setting for a breakfast nook. The slim table provides plenty of room for casual dining without disrupting traffic flow.

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Modern Amenity

Bright breakfast nook

A banquette provides a casual dining area and a convenient alternative to eating in the main kitchen workspace. This built-in takes advantage of an unused corner. A hip tulip table and a modern clamshell light fixture create a decidedly modern vibe, while bold blue chairs and a patterned seat cushion break up the stark look of the white walls and fixtures.

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Space-Smart Banquette

breakfast nook

Banquettes can lend storage space to kitchens without much. The top of this L-shaped bench lifts to reveal storage for rarely-used kitchen equipment. An open round tabletop provides plenty of space for casual family dinners and more.

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Empty-Wall Solution

breakfast nook

An empty wall off this kitchen proved to be the perfect location for a casual breakfast nook. The L-shaped bench stretches across the spare wall, transforming a potentially awkward space into something useful. The banquette faces a wall of French doors with stunning views to the patio, creating a relaxing early-morning retreat.

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Tucked Away


Tucked into a sun-drenched bump-out, this banquette provides a convenient space for everything from casual family dinners to homework. Convenient built-ins on each side provide storage for breakfast dishes and everyday dining essentials. A graphic seat cushion and throw pillows add visual interest to the all-white kitchen.

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Small but Mighty

small modern banquette near kitchen

A tiny L-shaped banquette tucks neatly into a corner of this cottage kitchen. Topped by windows, the bench provides a sunny spot to enjoy a relaxing breakfast or the morning paper. A small table fits snugly against the bench without interrupting the traffic flow around the kitchen island.

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Freestanding Banquette

Comfy Niche Breakfast Nook

Banquettes need not be built in to be functional. Here, freestanding upholstered benches give an elegant yet casual feel to a breakfast nook. The simple white fabric is a neutral backdrop to patterned blue-and-white throw pillows and colorful dinnerware. A wicker chair adds seating that can easily be moved to accommodate a buffet or drink station for entertaining.

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Energetic Style

kitchen dining area

Open floorplans lend themselves well to built-in banquettes. A remodel allowed these homeowners to open the kitchen to the nearby dining room and incorporate a breakfast nook into a corner. The glass tabletop and light fixture create a youthful energy that's echoed in the graphic window treatments and throw pillows, as well as in the bold orange seatcovers.

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Pattern at Play

Upper Gallery

Drawing inspiration from a shapely tulip table, a curved banquette adds softness to a sunny corner of this family kitchen. Lucite chairs with retro floral fabric covers steal the show, while colorful throw pillows and an overhead gallery of small prints echo the playful appearance and youthful energy.

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Bay Window Beauty

Space-Wise Solutions Casual dining

A long bay window outside this kitchen's main workspace offers the perfect spot to tuck a casual breakfast nook. In addition to seating space, the banquette contains storage for serving platters and other kitchen equipment. The table's dropleaf clears the way for traffic but can be raised to accommodate extra diners.

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Grounded in Style

high-contrast breakfast nook with green accent

Instead of a standard table and chairs, this eat-in kitchen is outfitted with a banquette. A simple wraparound bench lines one side of the sleek, modern table to boost seating and style. Painted black, the bench anchors itself firmly to the ground and is balanced by a bold black lighting fixture.

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Corner Solution


This simple breakfast nook provides casual dining space as well as a spot to converse with the cook. A collection of comfy throw pillows keeps the white space looking warm and inviting, while vintage dinnerware and collectibles on the shelf above create an undeniably feminine feel.

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Functional Beauty

soothing blue corner banquette area

A semicircular banquette creates an intimate gathering spot in this family home. Outfitted with stain-resistant fabrics and a zinc tabletop, the space is both beautiful and hardworking. An extra chair incorporates additional seating, but can be moved for easy bench access.

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Sunny Disposition

breakfast nook

Located just outside the kitchen's main work zone, this relaxed breakfast nook provides the perfect spot for casual gatherings. A kitchen table tucks neatly up to the window seat, which makes use of an awkward bump-out created by a deep bay window. Bamboo chairs and window shades play up the kitchen's cheerful, beachy aesthetic.

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country-style breakfast nook with window seat

A cushioned window seat doubles as a sunny breakfast banquette in this traditional kitchen. Thick white trim and heavy paneling provide a dramatic contrast to soft orange walls and set the space off as the kitchen's focal point. Freestanding chairs around the table provide additional seating.

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