Small-Space Banquette Ideas

Banquette with Window Seating
Banquettes are a family-friendly solution for fitting many diners into a spot that would otherwise be tight for a table and four chairs. Make small sensational with these pocket-size breakfast nooks that focus on function.

Casual Classic

A curved banquette and small wooden stools bring ample seating to this small space. Tablecloths, large pots, and even a mixer have a home in the bench, which features a lift-up top and coordinating patterned cushion.


Timeless Touches

An inlaid stone table provides a worry-free surface for kids' coloring and art projects. The unique furnishing snuggles up to a plush banquette bench with neutral pillows and framed artwork for small-scale style.

Studded Style

Smart function and sophisticated details are packed into every inch of this traditional kitchen. Extra-tall drapes bring the eyes upward to make the space seem larger while the upholstered banquette with studs makes comfy seating out of an open corner. 

A breakfast nook isn't just for the most important meal of the day. See how to create a multi-use space for your busy life.

Smart Ideas for a Small Nook

Every inch counts when it comes to a small banquette. Try these smart tips to help your space live larger than its footprint.

Refurbished Relics

Salvaged pieces like a chunky lamp base and coffee table top form the table in this breakfast nook. Repurposing items, such as this chandelier made from a garden planter, costs little money while adding rustic charm to a limited layout.

Modern Cottage

The kitchenette in this guest house gives visitors a small space of their own. Maximize the little layout with an L-shape banquette that is suitably scaled. The seating's wood panels mesh with the doors and cabinets, while stripes on the floor add impact.

Size-Defying Sophistication

Practicality and style merge in this cook-friendly galley that features a mix of materials and smart storage solutions. The rounded banquette softens the angular lines of the room, while tall cabinets with mirror-front doors help keep the space from feeling closed in.

Pop of Personality

Tuck a tulip table into a tight kitchen corner for a stylish spot to grab lunch. Unique wall art and wood furnishings add warmth to the neutral-based room.

Room to Grow

Skip the chairs and pair this clean-lined, colorful banquette with a simple three-legged table. The absence of excess furniture saves space in a tight kitchen and allows you to pull up extra seating when needed.


Seating for Six

Each bench of this built-in banquette offers space for three adults to sit comfortably, plus a seventh person can sit on a chair at the end. Shallow storage beneath the breakfast nook keeps the kitchen clutter-free.

Personalized Furniture

A custom-cut banquette bench or table is a savvy solution for a small kitchen. A kidney-shape pedestal table eases traffic through the doorway of this galley kitchen. The banquette bench opens to reveal hidden storage.

Casual Dining

In a compact layout, it's best to keep seating out of the kitchen's core. Tucked into a corner, this built-in banquette is a comfortable, out-of-the-way place to enjoy a meal. Beaded-board panels hang horizontally for a fresh, unexpected look.

Compact Seating

This updated bungalow kitchen proves that a better kitchen design doesn't require bigger square footage. Its built-in banquette incorporates Craftsman-style cabinetry for maximum storage, plus upholstered benches in easy-to-clean faux leather. Paneled walls add architectural character.

Shabby Chic

To make a small breakfast banquette feel formal, dress the space with slipcovered seats and a charming chandelier. A quick change of the lampshades and table runner make the nook ready for any occasion.

Natural Beauty

Utilize a sunny kitchen corner with L-shape banquette seating. A simple rectangular table fits snugly against the bench and provides ease of movement in and out of the dining area. Bamboo blinds, muted wall color, and earth-tone upholstery keep the space light and airy.

Small but Stylish

To make the most of a small kitchen, homeowners sacrificed a walk-in pantry to provide space for this built-in banquette. The two-bench nook takes up just 6 feet of space and provides an ideal dining area for a family of two.

Golden Glow

Balance this banquette's sunny shade of yellow with warm red and brown pillows. A natural wood table grounds the room while a funky light fixture adds a punch of pattern.

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